Gently clean the doors of the skin fat

If you want to clean your doors, you must choose cleaning and auxiliary materials according to the surface. In general, all doors should be designed to avoid too much moisture. The strength and intensity of the inevitable fat-dissolving cleaners against finger and finger marks must be adjusted to the sensitivity of the door material.

Gentle removal of skin fat residues

The doors are innumerable often touched in the course of their lives, is a truism. Since often the door leaf is guided directly with the hand or the fingers in addition to the door handle or the door knob, fat deposits are formed by the skin contact. Depending on the cleanliness of the fingers, cloudy dark spots may form on the often used places.

As usual surface materials are wood, plastic and metal with seals such as paintwork or glazes. The fact that there are water-based paints, varnishes and glazes is potentially water-soluble. It must always be avoided to distribute abrasive substances such as dust through cleaning movements. For the same reason, microfibre cloths are not suitable for cleaning doors.

Wood, frame and lock

If wooden doors are to be cleaned, the dirt can be drawn in and lower if the wood is not sealed, but only oiled or waxed. Here is a light sanding of the doors for extended cleaning.

Most often, the door leaf must be cleaned. Once or twice a year, the door frame and / or the door frame should also be freed of general dust particles. In similar frequency cleaning the door lock is recommended.

Means and methods with which you can clean doors

  • dish soap
  • soft soap
  • Essigreiniger
  • oven cleaner
  • glass cleaner
  • Distilled water
  • Soft cotton rag
  • Soft natural sponge
  • shammy

1. detergent

Inject a few shots into lukewarm water, stir and brush with a cotton cloth dampened and dampened.

2. Soft soap

You use soft soap like washing-up liquid, which you have stirred into the water until it has slightly foamed.

3. vinegar cleaner

For stubborn grease stains you can apply vinegar cleaner on a cloth and work the stains intensively.

4. Oven spray or glass cleaner

Spray on the medium and brush dry.

5. Distilled water

If there are limescale spots on the door, use distilled water instead of regular mop water, into which you mix the desired cleaning agent as usual.

Tips & Tricks

An astonishingly optical cleaning success sets in if you replace the doorknob now and then. Especially with room doors is a plug and unplug, which takes only a few seconds.

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