Dormer - which fits the house?

There are various forms of dormers and innumerable modifications of these practical dormer forms. But the dormer must also fit the roof and your own home at the same time. Here is an overview of the common dormer forms.

Forms of dormers

Here is a brief overview of the shapes of the dormer windows that are available.

  • ridge dormer
  • Tarpaulin ditched
  • pointed dormer
  • shed dormer
  • bat dormer
  • trapezoidal dormer
  • arched dormers

ridge dormer

As the name already reveals, the saddle gable fits very well with the pitched roof. It is often placed in small groups on the roof surface, so that the gain of space and light is sufficient.

Dormer - which fits the house?: fits

shed dormer

The Schleppgaube is not so much in demand today. This is partly due to the high wages of the craftsmen. The Schleppgaube is usually already set just below the ridge of the roof and then dragged on.

As a result, much has to be changed and rebuilt on the roof, which causes just these high costs. In addition, this high-set Schleppgaube has an advantage only in otherwise fairly low rooms, otherwise it costs only.

trapezoidal dormer

The trapezoidal dormer acts as an intermediate model between the towing and the saddle dormer. It offers many advantages, as it brings a lot of light and space in the attic. Their trapezoidal shape is simple and straightforward, which of course fits very well with most house and roof shapes.

At the same time, the trapezoidal dormer is easier to erect than many other shapes and thus cheaper. In addition, it is less prone to design and construction errors, making it less likely to leak.

bat dormer

The dormer form, which is usually the most expensive, will in many cases be the bat dormer. It is in relation to other dormers very verzänkelt by their on both sides curved expiring wings.

Also, the bat dormer is not built so often in times of expensive wages. In addition, it usually brings the slightest gain of light within the roof space. Also in terms of living space, it provides little growth.

Tips & Tricks

The modern round dormer is today a beautiful dormer shape, which brings much light into the rooms under the roof. Because of its harmonious round shape, it fits on every roof and yet delivers an unusual modern image.

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