Double and single family house - a cost comparison

Many people who want to build a house are faced with the question: a double or single family home? This question plays a decisive role, especially with regard to costs. In this article, you will learn from two examples, how much double and detached house cost and what are the differences.

Shared costs at the duplex

Most builders of a semi-detached house have the price advantage over a detached house in view; after all, you only have to pay half the house. But is the price difference to a family home really felt? Yes, because while a duplex is not twice as expensive as a single-family home, the costs are shared and the single owner saves a lot of money.

That's how much a family home costs

First of all, we will show you the exemplary calculation of a single-family house, which has a floor area of ​​100 square meters and is built as a prefabricated house.

Double and single family house - a cost comparison: family

Cost overviewprice
1st shell110,000 EUR
2. Interior work50,000 EUR
3rd roof25,000 euros
4th cellar35,000 euros
5. Other20,000 euros
total240,000 euros

As the owner of a single-family home, you have to pay for all of this 240,000 euros yourself, whereby the costs for the property, outdoor areas and other ancillary costs are not yet included.

Example calculation: Semi-detached house

Now we calculate the construction costs for a semi-detached house, which is also built in prefabricated construction, while the floor area is 170 square meters.

Cost overviewprice
1st shell170,000 euros
2. Interior work75,000 EUR
3rd roof35,000 euros
4th cellar50,000 EUR
5. Other30,000 euros
total360,000 EUR

If the costs of this semi-detached house are divided between two owners, everyone has to pay only 180,000 euros, which is 60,000 euros less than for a single-family home.

Price advantage of the semi-detached large

The examples have shown: Who decides for the duplex, enjoys a clear price advantage over the family home - 60,000 euros for most people is a very high sum dar. However, one must also say that a detached house offers clear advantages, freedom of design and As far as comfort is concerned.

When it comes to the later sale, the semi-detached house offers no advantages or disadvantages compared to a single-family home; rather, it depends on the individual situation. Prefabricated houses generally suffer from a greater loss of value than solid buildings, although the location, size and equipment are decisive factors in the sales success.

Which house is right for me?

Everyone has a different opinion about double and single family homes - the fact is that both house types have clear advantages and some disadvantages. But if it's about the price, you should once deal with the double house; You can save a lot of money and thus facilitate the financing.

Tips & Tricks

Think carefully with who you want to build the duplex. If you later have a good and understanding neighbor, there are only a few disadvantages left in the semi-detached house.

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