Double hotplate comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the double hotplate comparison or test 2018

  • The double hotplate is a self-contained or freestanding cooktop with two heating elements, which is operated either with electricity or with gas. In the field of electric hotplates, a distinction is made between conventional, induction and infrared plates.
  • Electric double hotplates are suitable for indoor use, while gas double hotplates are used outdoors. Thus, the electric panels come e.g. used in transition situations such as a broken stove at home. Gas plates, on the other hand, are used outside, e.g. for camping trips.
  • The different models vary in their size or the respective diameter of the two hotplates, the wattage and heat-up time as well as in their design. Optional extras include overheat protection or carry handles.

Double hotplate comparison 2018: comparison

A survey from 2016 shows that 66.02 million people in Germany have a household stove (Source: Consumption and Media Analysis VuMA). Conventional cooktops are still the most popular of the types of stoves - with 76 per cent being most frequently represented in German households, while 18 per cent use induction heat and only 6 per cent use gas for cooking (source: Forsa).

If your stove is defective or refurbishment in your kitchen, so you need a short-term alternative: For this purpose, the double hotplate is suitable, Whether you use them for yourself as a transition or as a permanent solution: In the purchase advice for our detailed double hotplate comparison 2018, you will find out which decisive criteria you should pay attention to.

1. Doubly practical: it cooks better with two plates

Double hotplate comparison 2018: comparison

Variety also in the makeshift kitchen.

A double hotplate is operated either electrically or using gas. The replacement kitchen appliance can replace a classic cooker. Especially in transitional situations or in free time.

They have two hotplates available and thus can work in parallel on two different components of a dish - e.g. Cook rice in the pan and fry vegetables in the pan.

In this way, you will succeed in a varied diet even in exceptional situations in which you do not have a fully equipped kitchen.

Here you are very flexible: The electric hob can be used at any location with existing power connection. The gas hob can be used outside as a handy companion for camping trips.

These advantages brings the purchase of a double hotplate (also: Doppelherdplatte or double hob) for your kitchen or for your camping holiday:

  • cheap in price: you get a fully functioning stove at a lower price
  • compact: the device does not take up much space and is therefore ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments as well as for on the go
  • mobile: the device is light in weight and thus extremely portable
  • electrically operated cooking plate must have power
  • Hot plate in gas mode: should only be used outdoors

2. Electric or Gas: These are the two types of double hotplates

As part of the purchase advice in our double hotplate comparison, we have created a comparison of the two types of double hotplates for you:

Electric double hotplate

Double hotplate comparison 2018: comparison

The electric double hotplate you can use for the following:
  • the equipment of a temporary kitchen for bridging (for example, when moving or renovating)
  • the equipment of small kitchens (for example, single, tea or student kitchens)
  • Catering buffets: as a mobile cooking plate or hotplate
Gas stove-top

Double hotplate comparison 2018: double

The Gas stove-top you can use for the following:
  • the equipment for camping trips and the like: as a mobile camping stove.
  • Catering buffets for outdoor events: as a table grill or hotplate.
Electric vs. Gas: The question "electric or gas cooker?" answers quickly when you clearly define the place of use. The electric hob is suitable for indoors, the gas hob for outside.

3. Important purchase criteria for the double hotplate at a glance

3.1. Diameter and wattage

Double hotplate comparison 2018: hotplate

Most dual hobs have two different sized heating surfaces for different size pots.

The name reveals it: In comparison to single hotplates, the double hob has two heating elements with mostly different diameters. The power of the hotplate corresponds to the size.

On average, the larger heating element measures in the diameter about 16.5 cm, while the diameter of the smaller heating element is on average about 13 cm.

The wattage The hotplates are between 750 watts and 2,000 watts.

3.2. The thermostat should be infinitely adjustable

Double hotplate comparison 2018: 2018

Double flexibility: With the double hearth plate.

It goes without saying: The two hobs of the cooking set should separately switched on and off his.

With a thermostat, the temperature of the hobs can be regulated.

Highly recommended here infinitely adjustable thermostat, with the help of which you can adjust the hotplates without the limitation of a step system.

3.3. Optional: These extras are there

Depending on the equipment, the double hob has further extras:

  • Indicator lights: A control lamp for the corresponding heating element prove to be useful if the stove does not turn red even when used or when heated. The indicator light indicates whether the plate is being used and radiating heat or not.
  • Feet: Standing feet on the underside of the cooking plate allow it to aerate. This avoids overheating the device.
  • automatic shutdown: On the basis of the values ​​of a temperature meter or a timer, the device shuts off automatically, which also serves as overheating protection.
  • insulated carrying handles: Heat-insulated carrying handles facilitate the transport of the mobile cooking plate.
  • Cover: For outdoor double hotplates, the lid serves as weather protection.

Double hotplate comparison 2018: comparison

4. FAQ: Questions and answers around the topic of double hotplates

4.1. Which more or less well-known manufacturers of double hearth plates are there?

Double hotplate comparison 2018: hotplate

The single hob is, unlike the double hotplate, only a hob.

Are you looking for the right place to buy the best double hot plate? The widest range of different brands can be found online (for example, Amazon), in stores for household goods, but also in electronics stores (such as Saturn, Media Markt). If you want to save, you can buy the double hotplate used (for example Ebay).

Take advantage of the advantages of the online market to your advantage: You benefit from the variety of different products, the transparent price comparison basis and the experience reports of other buyers.

Low price models can be found by the brands Bestro or Zilan. Here you spend for a cheap double hotplate between 20 and 25 euros.

A bit expensive It is used by manufacturers such as Clatronic, Klarstein and Severin. Expect a price from 30 euros up to 60 euros.

High class models You can buy from the brands K & H and Rommelsbacher. Here you pay between 100 and 150 euros for a very good double hotplate.

We list you important Manufacturer and Brands hotplates, which should not be missing in a double hotplate test:

  • clatronic
  • Klarstein
  • Medion
  • Rosenstein and sons
  • Severin
  • Emerio
  • Siemens
  • Rommelsbacher
  • Tristar
  • Unold
  • Bomann

4.2. Can I buy double hotplates with extractor?

Since double hotplates are self-sufficient, i. mobile hobs are, you can use these do not buy with extractor, Outdoors, this is not a problem: The gas double hotplate for camping does not need this, because the aromas blow away with the wind.

Indoors, when using the double-hearth plate, ensure that there is sufficient ventilation when cooking. If you work in a transitional kitchen, where only your stove is defective, you can still use your working extractor hood until your new stove is delivered.

4.3. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Is a self-sufficient ceramic hob worth it?

The Ceran double ceramic hob made of ceramic glass convinces even in the portable version with the advantages of a ceramic hob, that is, it heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly. This saves you energy costs and also protects the environment. In the price comparison is the double hotplate "Ceran" in the upper price segment for hotplates. In addition, glass ceramic is relatively difficult to clean and scratch prone.

Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a double-hotplate test and has therefore not yet chosen a double-hotplate test winner. In test magazine 10/2009, the consumer magazine explains how to clean the double hotplate.

It may seem banal, but the best advice is to use the following tips: Turn off the cooking surface and wipe what has flowed next to the pot. After the cooking zone has cooled, dedicate yourself to the leftovers and stubborn crusts. Let scouring milk soak on this before removing with a kitchen sponge or a special scraper.

4.4. Is there a double hotplate with lid?

Usually electric double hotplates do not have a lid. If you are looking for a double hotplate with cover, you will find it under the gas hobs.

These are used for camping where they often to permanentweather phenomena as are exposed to moisture and cold. Therefore, a lid to close makes sense here.

Induction: Induction hobs do not require a heating phase. As soon as the pot is put on the induction double hotplate, it will heat up due to the automatic pot detection. Immediately after the pot is removed from the induction field, the heating process is terminated. This sophisticated technology is also reflected in the price of the double induction cooker: the starting price is around 100 euros.

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