The semi-detached house in Bauhaus style

The Bauhaus style is characterized by a particularly modern appearance and numerous possibilities for customization. But is he even useful in a semi-detached house? In this article you will learn what makes the Bauhaus style and whether it is worthwhile in a semi-detached house.

Modern: A matter of taste

The Bauhaus style is not a limited, but a very diverse style of houses, which is why it can be implemented in a variety of house types: Whether single or two-family houses, bungalows or villas - all these houses are ideally suited to be built in Bauhaus style. Also, the semi-detached house is a type of house that can be perfectly combined with the semi-detached house, since the "dull" for many people acting double house in this way a completely new attraction wins.

Therefore, it is in your freedom of design, whether you want to build your semi-detached house in the Bauhaus style or not, and of course, the other builder must agree with this style of house. Typical features for the Bauhaus style are:

  • Consciously angular design
  • Large windows
  • Plastic parts of the building
  • Colored accents

The semi-detached house in Bauhaus style: style

Efficient technology, contemporary look

In addition to the modern and somewhat exclusive design, which is characteristic for the Bauhaus style, this style of construction is also ideal for installing modern technology such as a photovoltaic system. The equally modern looking and useful solar cells fit perfectly into the style of the house.

In the case of a semi-detached house in which two parties live, this advantage has a double effect: both families benefit from the efficiency and profitability of the house. Thus, the Bauhaus style is also ideal from an economic point of view for the construction of a semi-detached house.

The cost: how expensive is the Bauhaus style?

As far as costs are concerned, the Bauhaus style is just as variable as it is in terms of design: there are both affordable entry-level models and luxurious villas - so the spectrum is very broad. Even with double houses, which are built in the Bauhaus style, this price diversity shows: As with other house styles too, you decide by things such as size, features and location, how expensive it gets in total.

Tips & Tricks

On the Internet you have numerous opportunities to get to know the variety and individuality of the Bauhaus style. So you get an impression of what makes this style without much effort.

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