The Twin House - Tips and Tricks

As with any other type of house, there are also a number of things in the duplex that you should consider for a successful construction and comfortable living. This article will tell you tips and tricks to make the duplex a success.

The sound insulation is elementary

One of the most important topics in the semi-detached house is the soundproofing, as the direct vicinity makes it easy to transmit noises. So make sure that a good sound insulation between the two houses is guaranteed to be able to live comfortably in the long term. Although sound insulation is an investment, it is worthwhile in any case.

A good neighborhood decides

It does not matter if you are working on a job or if you want to celebrate a little longer - good neighbors understand your situation and are also ready when you need help. In a semi-detached house this theme is of particular importance as you live with your neighbor under one roof, in many cases even planning and building the house together. So think twice about who you want to share your duplex with.

The Twin House - Tips and Tricks: tips

But not only mutual consideration, but also a similar taste in the design of the house is advantageous if you want to build a duplex with another builder. Because you have to agree on a specific house and certainly make some compromises; However, if you have a completely different taste, this will be difficult.

Take your time

A semi-detached house requires a longer planning and construction period than a single-family home. Therefore, you should plan the house carefully and in detail, so that both parties enjoy the same high level of comfort. It often happens that part of the duplex has clear benefits in terms of sunlight, accessibility and other important concerns; This is not an advantage for a peaceful and trouble-free coexistence.

To facilitate the planning, many providers offer modular systems specifically designed for semi-detached houses, which will save you many agreements with the other building owners. However, if you prefer customization, such a system is not an advantage as it limits the possibilities.


The following overview sums up all the important tips that are helpful in the semi-detached house:

  • Good insulation is essential for a high level of living comfort.
  • With a good neighbor who suits you, planning, construction and living together are easier.
  • Patience is important in planning, so that no half of the house is disadvantaged
  • Modular systems can help facilitate planning

Tips & Tricks

Is the semi-detached house the right type of house for you? Take a look at different types of houses and weigh the advantages, disadvantages and prices in order to find the ideal house for your needs. Because even the duplex offers disadvantages that may not occur in other types of houses.