Plant a double-rod matting fence

Fences are extremely popular. After the chain link fence, especially the double pole mesh fence is very widely used. Such fences are also excellent for planting. What should be considered when planting a double-rod mesh fence, we have summarized below.

The double-rod matting fence is a very popular fence just after the chain-link fence. The double-rod matting fence can be mounted on a slope, you can easily embed the double-rod mesh fence. In general, the installation of a double-rod mesh fence is also easy for "budding" DIY enthusiasts.

A good fence to planting - the double pole matting fence

In addition, the double-rod matting fence is very suitable for planting. On the one hand, it is a very stable fence. A chain link fence, which has gotten a bit older and is rarely re-tensioned, can "bend" quite under the weight of uprising. A Doppelstabmattenzaun brings this workload not with you and carries from home and a high plant weight.

Pay attention before planting the double pole mesh fence

However, before you start planting the double-rod mesh fence, fence position and possible plants need to be matched. In principle, there are three different layers:

  • sunny and warm all day, on the south side
  • shady and cool throughout the day
  • in partial shade

Of course there is the region in which you live. In some regions the winters are very mild, but there is more rain than snow. Also wind conditions and possible low temperatures in winter are to be considered.

Selection of suitable plants for the double-bar mat fence

The plants for the double-rod mesh fence can also be selected according to different aspects. So there are various vine plants such as ivy, wild wine or hops, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. The ivy, for example, is evergreen, so even in winter provides excellent privacy.

Wild wine in turn throws the leaves off, which can mean a lot of work on a well-grown cane. Not to mention the small (inedible) grapes, which are enthusiastically accepted by birds. The deep red discoloration in autumn is a true splendor. Wild hops do most of the work.

The tendrils spread from the mentioned plants the fastest and very dominant. However, the hops freeze in winter and the tendrils die off. These must then be laboriously removed. It's really exhausting, because hops are pretty sticky.

Labor-intensive or rather easy-care

Such climbing plants are opposed by other up-growing plants, which also bring color. So many Witten, but only one year old. Climbing roses are also quite labor intensive. In addition, you must still distinguish between poisonous and non-toxic vine plants. Especially when children are around, this is an important criterion.

Tips & Tricks

Choose the planting for your double-pole mesh fence first by region and location, then by safety considerations and the amount of work you want to invest. With an optimally planted double-rod mesh fence you will have many years of real pleasure.

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