Put double bar mat fence

The Doppelstabmattenzaun enjoys due to its numerous advantages of a steadily growing popularity. The correct setting of the fence posts is in the long run a decisive criterion for longevity. We have summarized below how you can set a double-rod mesh fence and what needs to be considered.

More and more popular: the double-rod mesh fence

More and more people decide in favor of a fence for a double-rod mesh fence. Due to its construction, the double-rod mesh fence brings many advantages, which are mainly due to the high stability. Even planting a double-rod mesh fence is better, as even a high weight of the plants is not a problem.

Putting a double bar mat fence

There are several options for setting the double pole mesh fence. Depending on the substrate, you can attach the fence posts differently:

  • concreted
  • put on a foundation
  • attach to a wall or facade

Sufficient slats for the markings

You now need stable slats that are higher than the later posts. These are beaten into the ground where a fence post is to be set later. For this you first need the approximate distance, which results from the attached installation instructions of the fence manufacturer. With a hose level, the future post height is now marked with a guide cord on all posts.

Consider additional depth when setting in concrete

When concreting in the posts for the double pole mesh fence, you must take into account that you need a foundation depth of at least 80 cm (frost protection) and of which at the sole a ballast bed with a height of 10 cm, so that water can drain under the concrete and does not break it in winter,

Shortening the fence fields - two possibilities

In addition, you must still determine the correct distance, if you have to cut the fence mats. Here, the mesh width is crucial. For many bar mats this is 50 x 200 mm (width by height). Laterally, the fence mat must always be closed with a vertical double bar, so that you can attach the mat to the post here later with the stop brackets and the corresponding front clip.

You can cut each mat field with these dimensions in 5-cm step (5, 10, 15, etc.). Keep in mind that you also have some lateral play when fixing the fence mats, so you can mount the panels in an even width. More about cutting a double-rod matting fence can be found here.

Put markers now

Depending on the length of a piece of land, either the last fence panel is trimmed accordingly, or you can apply the excess to all fence panels on a page to trim each box accordingly so that all the boxes look uniform.

According to your specifications, starting from the first set corner post, you can now mark all other posts with the slats. A detailed assembly instructions for the double-rod matting fence we provide here for you.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the concreting is also a foundation for the double-rod mesh fence, as well as you can mount the posts of the double-rod mesh fence on a wall.

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