Double rod matting - dowel the posts

Like any other fence, the double pole matt fence also needs fence posts. These can be fastened differently. One possibility is to plug the posts on a foundation or wall base. As you peg the posts for a double-rod mesh fence, you can find out in this guidebook.

Special features of fence posts for bar mat fences

The Stabmattenzaun offers many advantages over the traditional chain link fence. Where exactly are the differences between one-bar mat fence and double-rod mesh fence, you can read here. In both mat fences, the distance between the posts must first be determined exactly. In addition, the posts must have a stable, tight fit.

Fixing the posts

To attach the fence posts you have different options. Here are the main options:

  • Concrete fence posts
  • Fix posts to masonry base or foundation
  • Fasten fence posts to a wall or facade

Dowel the fence posts

The safest variant for fixing on a foundation or wall base, so an existing solid surface, is the Aufdübeln the fence posts. For this you need appropriate post holder or post shoes.

These are made of metal and have the same inner diameter as the outer diameter of the posts. The posts are then inserted into the holder or post shoes. High-quality metal shoes are equipped with a screw for fixing and tightening the posts.

Differences in the post holders or post shoes

Either the post holder is closed at the bottom by a larger metal plate, in whose corners a total of four holes are available. Here the dowel screws are used. The second version consists of an angle profile on the underside of the post holder. The base plate is thereby significantly extended on one side and then bent at right angles downwards.

So the post holder can then be doweled sideways. This variant is suitable for wall base. The advantage is that four holes to be drilled from above make the edge area of ​​the wall base extremely unstable. With a correspondingly large-scale foundation then the plate to be fastened directly from above is the better choice.

The pegging of the fence posts in detail

Use the post holder to mark the exact position of the drill holes. Using a hammer drill, make the appropriate sized holes to the bolts or ground anchors. You should always use heavy duty dowels. Injection dowels are particularly well suited for cementing the screw anchor.

These injection anchors can be loaded with a very high weight. For high-quality products that have a corresponding approval for the EU, the possible load is specified in the corresponding DIN EN.

Tips & Tricks

If you still need to make the proper foundations for pegging the posts, make sure the foundations reach at least 80 cm in depth. Otherwise there is a risk of frost. In addition, a 10 cm gravel layer should be applied to the sole so that water runs off and can not freeze directly under the concrete.

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