Double bar fence with foundation

The double pole mesh fence triggers more and more often the chain link fence. However, it is easier, but still a bit more expensive to assemble. You can fix the fence posts differently. In this guide, you will learn how to attach the double-bar mat fence to a foundation.

The advantages of the double bar mat fence

So far, the chain link fence may still be the most popular fence. But the benefits of the slightly more expensive double-rod matting outweigh the benefits. The double-rod mesh fence is more stable, longer-lasting and requires significantly less care. Even planting the double pole fencing, for example with ivy, is much easier to handle.

Fastening a double bar mat fence

When attaching the double pole mesh fence, there are different techniques that can be applied depending on individual circumstances:

  • the attachment to a wall or facade
  • the concreting in of a post shoe
  • the concreting in of the fence post
  • fixing on a foundation or concrete floor

In principle, the cast-in double-strip matting fence is a point foundation, except that the post is cast in with concrete by the double-strip mesh fence. The attachment of the double-rod mesh fence on a wall we describe here in detail.

Fasten double-rod matting fence to a foundation

Of course, when attaching the double-rod mesh fence to a foundation, you must first make the foundation. It offers a point foundation for each post. But you can of course also create a strip foundation.

Building the foundation

Important is the depth of the foundation due to frost resistance. In addition, the foundation must be protected against freezing by applying a 10 cm thick layer of gravel as a drainage or drying layer.

You must dig up the strip foundation, you can use a ground drill for the point foundation. You must create the foundation at a depth of at least 80 cm. In order to be able to work faster, fast concrete is recommended.

Attach the post shoes to the foundation

You now need metal shoes into which the posts fit exactly. They are pushed in and screwed. First, however, you must attach these post shoes on the foundation. For aligning, you can place shims on the relevant sides (four holes on all four corners) between the foundation and the metal plate.

Then the fence post is inserted and tightened. How to make the entire assembly of a double-rod matting, we explain in the linked instructions in detail.

Tips & Tricks

Corrosion is a topic that should not be underestimated. Cut edges should always be treated with a high quality zinc spray before installation. Post shoes should also be high-quality galvanized so that you do not have to renew all sockets after just a few years.

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