Double T pavement: Affordable and easy to lay

Because of its properties, the double T pavement is also referred to as utility plaster. The high resilience and robustness makes the patch of bone stones the first choice on busy areas and heavily used paths. The interlocking paving stones distribute high weights on the double T pavement and support each other. In addition to the so-called industrial paving, the manufacturers of double T patches also produce bone stones with high infiltration capacity and in different colors. As a private individual you can combine the positive qualities of the Double T plaster with a decorative look and ecologically beneficial aspects.

Great creative freedom for a small price

The bone stones for the double T pavement are among the most cost-effective types of paving. The industrially manufactured cast products are offered for eight to twelve euros per square meter and also start and half stones ranked in this price range. For most manufacturers, the thicknesses are six, eight, ten and twelve centimeters standard and next to the cement gray concrete mixes in red, anthracite and brown are offered. Special blends with white cement produce white paving stones, which can cost up to twenty euros per square meter. The bone stones are made with beveling of the outer edges, the chamfer, and then form a joint structure in the double T plaster composite. Without chamfer, they are put on push and form minimum joint strengths, which usually do not have to be filled. Due to the uniform dimensions of the bone stones, colors can be combined as desired.

Standard dimensions with integrated spacers

The normal stone of the Doppel T composite has a length of twenty centimeters and a width of 16.5 centimeters. For paving a square meter of double T plaster you need about 35 bone stones. This creates a weight of the plaster on a square meter of 175 kilograms at eight centimeters in thickness and 250 kilograms in the stone thickness twelve centimeters. The chamfered chamfers cost five to ten percent more than without. The individual paving stones have firmly cast-in spacers, protruding grooves on the sides, which ensure the perfect position of the double T compound plaster.

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