Double trough folding tiles and prices, what do these tiles cost?

As a further development of the classic folding tile, the double hollow folding tile has quickly spread to many roofs - and today there are already countless variants. What costs such bricks, you will learn in this post.

Prices always depend on the size and the surface design

The development of the Doppelmuldenfalzziegels probably originated from the attempt to summarize the formerly widespread monk nuns form the tile, which was covered by two different types of brick in a roof tile.

The Doppelmuldenfalzziegel shows a large curvature up and a smaller down, which is the typical form for this brick, but may well differ. All Doppelmuldenfalzziegel are - due to their shape - storm-proof and very rainproof.

Double trough folding tiles and prices, what do these tiles cost?: trough

The typical sizes usually cost between EUR 1 and EUR 1.50 per piece, usually these sizes require around 12-15 bricks per square meter. There are occasionally also large formats in the trade, which are then more expensive.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The well-known manufacturer also has some Doppelmuldenfalzziegel in his offer
  • Clay bricks are naturally the specialty of the well-known brick manufacturer, the offered product range is enormously extensive here.
  • The building materials retailer on the Internet also offers some double hollow folding tiles from different manufacturers in its program.

That's how it works

Comparing prices in roof tiles is usually always worthwhile, even between different manufacturers. However, when planning, you should also consider whether you ever use clay tiles - or use the much cheaper concrete blocks, which make little difference visually.

Tips & Tricks

Always plan according to square meters and according to the respective laying method. As a rule, only a few start with single prices, and even the laying method has a very large influence on the required amount of material.

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