Cut double-skin sheets

Double-skin sheets are probably among the most widespread terrace and balcony roofing. The processing is no problem for the savvy home improvement. However, where it can always come back to small discussions, is the cutting of double-wall sheets. Therefore, below a guide for cutting double-wall sheets.

Saws for cutting double-skin sheets

Double-wall sheets are plastic sheets made of polymethyl methacrylate (also PMMA or acrylic glass) or polycarbonate. Correspondingly, the following saws are suitable for cutting double-wall sheets:

  • Table Saws
  • Circular saws
  • Circular saws
  • Jigsaws (conditional)
  • fine-toothed handsaws (conditional)

Special features when sawing web plates

Double-walled sheets are two plastic sheets which are connected to each other by webs of different heights so that chambers form between the two sheets. The dimensions of double-wall sheets are very diverse. In strength, they usually range from 4 to 16 mm.

Cut double-skin sheets with the jigsaw

As a result, quasi two plates must be cut simultaneously. This is also the reason why engraving and handsaw are only suitable to a limited extent. If you have no choice but the jigsaw, it must be a fine-toothed blade that is suitable for plastic. The pendulum stroke must be switched off.

Even if you work very precisely and accordingly slowly, it often happens that plates will tear at the cut edges. In addition, it can also come to regular frays. These must be removed with sandpaper or a file if you are laying the double-wall sheets in profiles. For example, as a canopy.

It is important to pay attention to this

Because in the profiles is a rubber strip, which seals the double-skin sheets air and waterproof. But if the double-skin sheets are frayed, this could have a negative effect on the sealing property. In particular, if you are laying a large area, it is not recommended to use jigsaws or handsaws. Cutting the double-skin sheets is a tedious, time-consuming process when working precisely with these saws.

Saw double ridge plates with a circular saw

Circular saws are basically the best choice for DIY enthusiasts. When fitting the saw, make sure to use a suitable saw blade. This must be fine-toothed, the teeth should not be offset. Multi-material or plastic sheets are the first choice. Preferably you should also resort to a higher purchase price on brand saw blades.

The additional costs are quickly rewarded in the long term by significantly longer service life of the saw blades and in the short term by a really clean cut of the double-skin sheets and other plastic sheets. However, you should do the cutting of the double-jaw blades in a suitable workshop space, as the chips only whirl through the area at full speed of the portable circular saw.

Removing the chips

Thus, numerous chips also land in the chambers of the double-skin sheets. It is recommended to use an air compressor with an air pistol to blow out the chambers. In addition to the clean cutting result, cutting with a suitably equipped circular saw is also very quick, especially from the hand. Even large quantities of double-wall sheets can be quickly cut to size.

Tips & Tricks

When cleaning double-wall sheets, pay attention to the special material properties of PMMA or polycarbonate. Use a sponge to scratch the surface relatively quickly. Therefore, blow out the chambers of the web plates or rinse thoroughly with water, but without using a sponge.

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