Double windows fog - 3 solutions

Older windows with conventional double glazing can fog up with the years between the windows. This is not only unpleasant, but also a problem for the insulating effect of the discs, which then no longer exists. How to prevent the condensation in the panes and who pays that, is right here.

cause and effect

The two single panes of double windows were not as well sealed and sealed in the past as they are today. Therefore, moisture can get between the two discs in the event of a small leakage of this rotating disc seal. Of course it will be difficult to get out of here. Due to the different temperatures inside and outside, the double pane then fogs from the inside.

Solutions for fogged double windows

To predict it, the most popular and most rewarding solution is replacing the entire window. Because such a window usually has more than just a problem with fogging. The frames are no longer contemporary and sufficient heat-insulating and the discs usually too thin. Often, the glass quality is by far not as clear as it is today.

  • 1. Complete replacement of the window
  • 2. Replacement of the glazing in the frame
  • 3. Rehabilitation of the glazing by suction

Replacement of the glazing or window

If the frames are still particularly well preserved or if necessary due to restrictions imposed by the monument protection, the glass package can usually be exchanged within the window. But you should really assess the condition of the frame really well and realistically.

Renovation of double glazing

For a while it was quite modern to renovate the windows. The glass package is resealed around the outside. Then a small hole is drilled in one of the disks and the moisture is sucked off. Subsequently, the vacuum inside the double disc is sealed by closing the borehole. Today, this effort is hardly worth it.

Tips & Tricks

As a tenant you are fine, so to speak, because the landlord must ensure an intact and contemporary glazing. He must also provide energy for reasons. Decent landlords can therefore exchange such windows as soon as they were made aware of the problem.

Video Board: How to Prevent your Windows from Fogging Up