Secure double window - 3 additional fuses

Double windows are handy, especially when airing, but they are often more susceptible to burglary attempts because of the bridge between the two individual windows. But there are different ways to secure the double windows later. We want to show you three ways of securing a double window against burglars.

Fuse - invisible or demonstrative

Many homeowners do not want the subsequent backup at a window from the outside is visible. However, it is often forgotten that this visibility has a strong deterrent effect. Even burglars do not like working, especially because every second increases the risk of discovery for them.

  • 1. Fuse by pivot bolt
  • 2. Secured by hinged latch
  • 3. Crossbar over both wings

Swing or folding latch

Both the swivel and the folding latch are installed on the center bar and secure both wings simultaneously. In these simple variants, it is not possible to complete only one of the casements. As the names already betray, the two variants that are invisible from the outside work a little differently.

The swing bar seems to be more stable, since the complete closure part is made of a sturdy piece of metal. The hinged latch has a hinge on each wing, which could be a weak point.

Crossbar - stable hold

A crossbar that extends completely over both wings is not invisible, but must usually be placed in the middle of the window. Of course, it can also be passed directly below the upper hinge over the window to release at least most of the disc.

As with a front door or a balcony door, this cross-lock is very safe and stable, but these fuses are also not very cheap.

Tips & Tricks

Several simple solutions can be installed later. For example, a sufficiently large hole can be drilled laterally into the soffit of the window opening and an iron bar can simply be inserted there. Steel eyelets also take a corresponding tube of iron well.

With a small padlock that is passed through the pipe in the right place, the rod can even be secured against being pushed out. But if you attach the pole visibly, hardly any burglar will want to bother with the construction anyway.

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