Fix dowels in clay wall

Old houses and apartments provided with a mud wall. To fix a dowel in such a clay wall, following the usual mounting method is almost impossible. However, there are various techniques and tricks for attaching a dowel to a mud wall.

Dowels in clay are bad

Old houses have a special charm for many people. But the charm is quickly forgotten when dowels have to be set. Because in clay holds virtually no dowels. At least not if you want to put the dowel conventionally in a hole and then screw it. However, there are ways to attach a dowel to a mud wall.

Tricks to fix a dowel in a mud wall

As so often, however, first of all, it is crucial what you want to fix, so above all the later required load capacity of the anchor. Depending on this, there are various techniques and tricks that you can use:

  • Insert screw with wire wrapping
  • Putt in or grout in squared timber
  • Use stakung for dowelling

Insert screw with low load capacity

For dowels that have little to carry, such as a picture, you can fall back on a simple trick. Take a screw and wrap it with wire. The screw should be able to be turned in and out of the wire. The diameter should now correspond to the diameter of the anchor.

Now the drilled hole in the mud wall is heavily moistened and filled with plaster. Then insert the wire-wrapped screw. Just before the gypsum cures completely, unscrew the screw. Now let the plaster harden completely and insert your dowel. Now the dowel keeps correspondingly safe in the wall.

Apply scantlings at medium load

This trick was used earlier. This also applies to the next trick. Cut a slightly larger piece out of the loam box and insert a squared timber of the appropriate size. This is now also plastered with mortar or plaster. Let everything harden. Now you can drill the dowel hole in the wood. The carrying capacity is mediocre.

Do not fix the dowels in the clay, but in the stakung

The last trick is based on previous applications. However, it is crucial how the stacco is executed. In half-timbered houses, this is often a woodwork that holds the clay. With such a stakung this trick does not work. But there are also staccata, which consist of solid profiles and are set with tongue and groove in the framework.

Profiled wood over the stakung and the width of the attachment

Either put your dowels directly into such a stakung or they release the stakung so far that you can attach a solid profile wood in several places on it. This profile wood is closed again with clay or plaster. With a clean design, you can even attach heavy wall cabinets of a kitchen in a mud wall.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on the load, other options are available. So you can attach a dowel with mounting adhesive. For heavy loads and if the substrate is suitable, you can also use injection anchors, as described under "Anchoring anchors".

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