Drainage for the flower box - what is suitable?

The term drainage usually connects water-draining pipes around the house. Why flower pots always need a drainage, and how to properly create a drainage in a planter, you will learn in this post.

Drains in planters

All planters, especially if they are outdoors, need a so-called drainage. Drainage prevents so-called waterlogging. Excess water must be able to drain off, and not be allowed to jam down in the planter.

Waterlogging would eventually kill plants. Because of this, must always ensure adequate drainage in all planters.

Particularly important

Drainage is particularly important in all rock garden plants and in plants that originate from the Mediterranean. They are particularly quickly damaged by waterlogging.

Structure of the drainage

Basically enough for a drain of the water enough holes in the pot. Make sure that several small holes often dissipate excess water much better and faster than a single large hole.

drill holes

In most cases, if you need extra holes, you will need to drill them yourself. Basically, you can do that easily with the drill.

For pots that jump easily, you should cover the drill site with several strips of tape. Always use suitable drills, drill slowly and in a controlled manner and at low speed. Do not turn on the impactor on sensitive materials that might jump. High-quality drills are recommended because they also protect the material.

drainage layer

In order to prevent the holes being clogged by soil, and then the water can not drain away, you should bring a sufficiently high layer of drainage material under the soil.

For this you can use either rough stones, the classic way are potsherds. You may also find other materials - for example, no longer needed planters can crumble and reuse as a drainage layer.

Raising the pot

So that the water can drain better, you should raise the pot as much as possible. Bricks or any other material that you have at hand are suitable for this. The drain holes should of course not be blocked.

Tips & Tricks

One way to improve drainage performance is to mix grit or vermiculite under the substrate. The drainage effect of the drainage is even greater.

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