Laying drainage in the ground: What are the costs?

A drainage is used to drain the soil, on a dehydrated ground it is easier to build. Sometimes, above the drainage, a dry wall of natural stone is created, in other cases a building. Simple drainage can also lay a layman. How much does the soil drainage system cost?

The posts on your bill

  • Gravel / grit for the gravel bed, grain size between 16 and 32 mm
  • drainage pipes
  • drainage fleece
  • Chess rings for trickle shaft
  • Manhole cover
  • delivery costs
  • possibly costs for mini excavators
  • labour costs

The material costs for a drainage are generally limited, not always an additional drainage shaft is needed. As a rule, it only becomes more expensive when there are problems in the ground and when a specialist firm has to deal with obstacles such as Must eliminate rocks.

What costs causes the laying of a drainage?

Gravel is usually more expensive than gravel and is available at a price of about 15 EUR per tonne. Rolling gravel costs you from about 10 EUR per ton. Both types of stone may well be more expensive, prices vary depending on the region, supplier and grain size.

You will receive 50 m of drainage pipes with associated fleece at an average price of 150 EUR if you choose products with a diameter of 10 cm. The tubes alone, without fleece, cost on average 60 EUR per 50 m.

Creating a seepage pit is optional, but it can be very useful during heavy rains. Expect a chess ring 80 cm (diameter) x 50 cm (height) with 50 to 70 EUR. The matching lid will cost you around 70 EUR.

Cost of a self-installed drainage in the garden

A garden owner laid in his garden a drainage with seepage shaft, he would like to build a larger drywall. As he wants to penetrate into deeper layers, he lends himself to work a mini excavator.

Cost overviewprice
1. Mini excavator250 EUR
2. Material costs650 EUR
3. Delivery costs50 EUR
total950 EUR

Lay drainage yourself

The self-laying drainage requires some prior knowledge or at least a good guide. However, this can save a lot of money because the labor costs are relatively high.

Tips & Tricks

For cost reasons, do not dispense with the nonwoven covering of the drainage pipes, as this prevents the clogging of your pipes!

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