Drainage at the old building - does that make sense?

Again and again you hear different opinions when it comes to a subsequent drainage, especially in older homes. Whether a drainage in old buildings makes sense in principle, what speaks against it, and how a technically correct execution in cellars has to look, read in this post.

Moist cellar

A damp cellar is rarely caused by intrusive water. Before any thought or decision is made about a drainage, it should first be fundamentally clarified where the moisture in the basement comes from.

In many cases, problems with the basement caused by condensation, rising soil moisture by an insufficiently protected base plate is, especially in old buildings, also a common cause.

Sealing versus drainage

Basically, the DIN 18195 sees sufficient seal the basement as mandatory. Even with inundant water a seal is in principle sufficient, it must be carried out only in accordance with the load case. The seal must be designed so that no water can penetrate from the outside into the basement.

Which possibilities are there to seal the cellar read in detail in our special contribution. Just click on the link.

Causes to be corrected

In any case, you should take a close look at the floor structure - as a rule, a basement floor in the old building is not completely waterproof. Since soils used to be often compacted on the outside, capillary moisture can accumulate here.

Drainage would not work, as drains can only drain running water, but they do not "dry out" moisture.

When installing a drainage system, the problem could even be exacerbated: the moisture content in the soil could even increase, and the outside of the soil might be even more heavily laden with moisture. As a result, in many cases a constant entry of moisture into the building would be possible - which in the long term can lead to massive damage or destruction of the building structure.

Tips & Tricks

Drains can never replace a defective seal of the cellar. The sealing therefore always has the highest priority. With a sufficient seal drainages - especially retrofitted - in almost all cases but in any case superfluous.

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