Wrap drainage tube with fleece - yes or no?

Also, experts always hear different opinions when it comes to whether you should wrap a drainage tube with fleece, or not. What speaks for a wrap and what against it, read in this post. In addition, which alternative there is.


The nonwoven wrapped around a drainage tube serves as a filter. As a result, the drainage holes can not be clogged, soil particles are prevented from entering the drainage pipes and the drainage can not be so muddy.

Especially in this point is therefore a significant advantage of the fleece. If drainage does not get muddy and dirty, it will also need to be washed less frequently and work better.

Add the fleece

As a disadvantage of nonwoven is often stated that it can enforce itself by the fine suspended particles that are contained in the penetrating water. Fleece is a very fine fabric that does not let these particles through.

As a result, they attach to the outside of the fleece and clog it. In the drainage then no more water can penetrate, so it does not work anymore.

However, this point is very controversial. It always depends on the selection of the right fleece.

Select fleece

Especially when a floor has a high degree of fines, the selection of the right fleece is even more important. On the basis of the soil condition and some values ​​one can select fleeces quite specifically for a certain soil:

  • Flow through the fleece
  • different water permeability values ​​for the fleece
  • kv value below 20 kN / m²
  • kv value below 200 kN / m²

However, just like the exact soil conditions, only experts can adequately assess these values ​​and accordingly make recommendations for a specific fleece. You should definitely seek professional advice.

Tips & Tricks

Laying without a sheathing is also often recommended - but the sludge inside the drainage pipes is often massive, holes and longitudinal grooves over time. A good alternative to fleece is the filter bag. It is a bit more expensive, but unlike fleece it never settles with suspended particles, but lets them through.

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