Renew drainage - is it worth it?

Unfortunately, many homeowners think that once installed drainage is for all eternity - in practice, this is not so. What are the reasons for renewing drainage and when it is necessary? Read this post. In addition, which costs can be incurred.

Durability of drainages

Like all other parts of the house, drainage must be regularly maintained. This includes the regular rinsing of the drainage. If this is not done, drainage can become so bad within a few years that it no longer fulfills its function.

In many cases, this leads to damming of the water, which should actually be derived. This threatens much heavier damage to the moisture of the building than would have been the case without drainage.

Other reasons for the renewal

  • Lack of drainage function
  • Installation error during drainage
  • Use of non-professional materials
  • Renewal of the basement seal

Lack of drainage function

If there is a suspicion that a drainage can not fulfill its function or can not fulfill it at all (experts often recognize this only at a later assessment), then the drainage should in any case be renewed.

Non-functioning drainage can cause massive damage to the building by additionally damaging water.

Installation error during drainage

Again and again it comes (even with specialist companies) to errors when installing a drainage. In earlier times, some rules were simply ignored. Common mistakes are:

  • Insufficient sizing of the drainage
  • Use of non-suitable for the existing soil texture fleece
  • Laying the drainage without filter layer
  • Non-observance of the necessary gradient

Use of non-professional materials

Using the wrong piping, which happens again and again, also causes drainage to fail.

Cost of renewal

The cost of renewal depends largely on the local situation. This of course, whether you install the drainage yourself, or hire a company. In the case of DIY, an expert should definitely be consulted for the planning.

As an approximate price example for the self-renewal of a drainage, you can expect about 50 meters of drainage at the house:

materialPrice approx
Drainage pipes and teesabout 80 EUR
Drainage fleece and gritabout 100 EUR
drainage shaftabout 100.EUR
manholeabout 70 EUR
Total Material Priceabout 350 EUR

These prices are only to be understood as very rough guide prices for a 50 m long drainage at the house with a nominal width of 100 mm. In addition, there may be costs for:

  • Planning by the specialist
  • Rental costs for the excavator (self-digging with Mietbagger) or
  • Working hours and machine costs when digging is done by a specialist company.

If you have a renewal done by a specialist company, you will have to calculate at a multiple of the cost.

Tips & Tricks

Drains are not a panacea for damp cellars. A defective or incorrectly created However, drainage can certainly be the reason that there are water leaks in the basement. If you suspect, consult an expert. Buried drainage can be difficult to judge for yourself.

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