Drainage Ear: Blue or Yellow?

Again and again there is uncertainty as to which drainage pipes should or should be used for drainage. This can always be clearly recognized by the colors of the drainage pipes. When to use blue, when to use yellow and when to use orange drainpipes, read here.

Different tubes

Drainage pipes are available in different designs. These designs are characterized by different colors.

  • yellow drainage pipes (flexible)
  • orange drainage pipes (rigid)
  • blue drainage pipes (also rigid)

The difference between yellow and blue / orange pipes lies in the fact that the yellow pipes are so-called roll goods, but with the blue and orange pipes (depending on the manufacturer, Hegler is blue) they are bar stock.


Rolled goods are approved as a drainage pipe only for agriculture and for the garden. In other areas, and especially for drainage on buildings, these (flexible) pipes must not be used.

In practice, unfortunately, this happens more often, often because these tubes are much cheaper. However, this is a serious mistake, because building drainages from such pipes do not work at all!

cut lengths

DIN 4095 stipulates very specific types of pipes for drainage of buildings. These are always pipes made of PVC hard according to DIN 1187 Form A or DIN 4262-1. Other pipes are for drainage and drainage in the area of ​​buildings basically not allowed!

In addition, these bar products must also be checked for their water absorption by an independent institute: With straight laying and pressure height of 0.2 m above the pipe sole, a water absorption of the pipe must already be done safely.


DIN 4095 stipulates that drainage pipes must always be laid in a straight line and at a precisely defined gradient. This is only possible with barware.

On top of that, roll goods would submerge themselves over time. A drainage of water in a flexible drainage basically works very badly or not at all.

Tips & Tricks

Since drainage pipes always have to be laid in a straight line, you need a separate shaft or at least one 90° connector for each change of direction. Also keep in mind when getting supplies.

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