Perfectly sealed outside

Perfectly sealed outside

Perfectly sealed outside: Ceresit

In summer, make the balcony or the terrace with new tiles? Good idea - but do not forget: Outside, the substrate must first be perfectly sealed. For example, with "Ceresit balcony and terrace sealing" - the quality product seals watertight and bridges minor damage in the ground.

Joints are waterproof, but not waterproof. On tiled balconies or terraces, so water can penetrate through the joints and damage the substrate. With the new "Ceresit Balcony and Terrace Sealing" this problem is a thing of the past: The ready-to-use, one-component and solvent-free synthetic resin dispersion reliably seals waterproof, even bridging cracks up to 1 mm. At the same time, the quality product can be spread, rolled and trowelled - simply applied to the clean surface.
After a drying time of about 20 hours, the surface is ready for use, that is, it can directly with tile adhesive, z. As "highly flexible tile adhesive" from the Ceresit system, and tiles continue to be worked. This combination is even approved by the Materialprüfungsamt NRW with a test certificate.
In critical areas such. B. in the corner and connection joint area can be sealed in the system with the flexible "Ceresit Abdichtband" safe from moisture.
The Ceresit system is suitable for exterior cement and concrete screeds.

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