Drawer does not close properly - you can do that

If the drawer does not close properly, it is not always because the drawer may be too full. Even small parts that have cheated next to or behind the drawer are not necessarily to blame. The rails of the drawers may get tangled or misadjusted from the beginning. Here we show you the solution.

rail system

Simple dressers, which have to be assembled by themselves, often have a rather simple rail system, where there is hardly any adjustment. However, it can happen that the screw, which serves as a pull-out protection, no longer completely sums in the rail system. As a result, the drawer shifts on the rail and may not be properly inserted, because the rail is slightly tilted.

This is easy to fix, because all you have to do is back up and secure the side rail. Should the system be very sluggish, a small splash of WD 40 on the ball bearings or double rails will help.

Full extension rails - kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers are equipped with practical full-extension or telescopic rails. These provide adjustment possibilities, so that the drawer can be adjusted. This is often necessary when the drawer has been fully loaded for a while. The fitters can finally adjust the drawers only when unloaded. When the drawer is full, the suspension changes slightly.


To adjust these rail systems you usually only need a wide flat-head screwdriver. The drawer is pulled out completely, then you see on the sides either covers, under which adjusting screws are hidden, or you see directly the mechanism.

In which direction you have to adjust the set screws, unfortunately, can only be determined by trial and error. If the screws are very sluggish or do not move at first, do not try to force them, here too the popular WD 40 will help. Wait a few minutes and then try again. Most of the oil has then made the screw passable.

  • Seek adjusting screw sideways
  • Slotted screwdriver for adjustment
  • maybe some WD 40 for the screws

Tips & Tricks

Some high-quality kitchens have great operating instructions that explain exactly the adjustment of the screws. Be sure to keep the instructions.

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