Make yourself a drawer insert - create order

Drawer inserts ensure order and help you to find even small things quickly. Now there are many prefabricated drawer inserts, but some are wasting space, others are expensive and the next ones are not. Therefore, we show you here how you can build a drawer insert yourself.

Build a drawer insert yourself step by step

  • Wooden boards (beech)
  • glue
  • paint
  • paste
  • Elefantenhaut
  • jigsaw
  • Fine grinding cloth
  • Japanese saw
  • Screw clamps
  • brush

1. Planning and measuring

Before you can build the inserts for the drawers yourself, you should sort the contents of the drawers. Do you have relatively deep drawers, it is advisable to also provide the inserts with higher partitions, so even in a fully filled compartment everything is in place.

2. Cut the wooden strip

If your drawer insert is to be painted later or pasted with beautiful paper, you can simply use remnants of different wood waste instead of purchased sheets. You can even continue to use the blend of laminate here cheaply. Keep a close eye on every cut and use only very fine quality saw blades.

3. Grind and glue

The saw edges are carefully sanded with fine abrasive cloth. For example, if you use laminate residue, the spots where you apply the glue should also be easily roughened. Do not put much glue on the front side of the wooden strips, because the dividing wall can not go anywhere and has hardly any weight.

4. Brush or paste

Acrylic paint is a good solution so that the drawer insert can be wiped off later. You can also delete the different subjects in different colors to highlight the topics even more. If you stick paper to the insert, you should apply elephant skin after drying. This is a kind of clear coat that makes the paper wipeable. This is often used on wallpapers.

Tips & Tricks

Especially if you have a lot of cutlery, it is convenient to choose a deeper drawer and plan here especially high separation inserts. So the knives and forks stay where they belong, and do not constantly get over the border to the spoons.

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