Repair or replace drawer rail

If the drawer hooks or may not be able to move, it does not necessarily have to be overfilled. It may be that the drawer rail is simply broken. There are also very different solutions for the various problems of the drawer rails and their ball bearings. Under certain circumstances, however, the entire rail must be replaced.

Determine error - Check drawer

If the rail of the drawer is stuck or jerky, it may be that things inside have jammed somewhere. This should be precluded before you start looking for the actual error.
Now slowly pull the drawer up to the problem area and try to look into the rail. You may be able to use a fine skewer to push the balls back and forth in the ball bearing.

Grease and clean ball bearing

If the balls are stuck, this can have two reasons again. Either dust and dirt have sneaked into the ball bearings and thus block the balls. Or the balls are not quite round anymore, which sometimes can happen due to slight rust.
It is not easy to clean the interior of the rail while it is installed. You may need to remove at least the drawer in order to get right to the rail. Take a small bristle brush and the vacuum cleaner and clean the rail first. Then grease is then carefully added between the balls in the rail.

Repair drawer rail:

  • Foreign matter behind the drawer or between rail parts?
  • Do the balls move in the ball bearing?
  • Is the rail intact?
  • Grease balls
  • If necessary, replace rail

Replace rail

The common types of drawer rails are available in every hardware store. Often it is easier and more effective to replace the rails. Especially if there is some wear, repairing will never give a perfect result. Always replace the rails in pairs.

Tips & Tricks

The smartphone can be a good help if you are looking for errors or damage in dark corners in a chest of drawers. Set the flash and take a picture of the rail, for example. Then you not only have a heavily exposed image of the specific source of error - you can also magnify it magnificently and see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Product Image: Kuchina / Shutterstock

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