Installing drawer rails - this is how installation works

Drawers are especially handy for small things that are easily lost in a cupboard. But sometimes the drawer rails are a bit difficult to install. If the drawer rails are not exactly straight, the drawer may later hook or jam. This is annoying and annoying when using extremely.

Follow the construction manual

For most of the chests of drawers and cabinets that you only need to assemble, the holes for installing the drawer rails are already set. However, you should also take a look at these holes before mounting here. Not every manufacturer delivers accurate work here. Be sure to make an angle to the holes and check that they are at right angles to the front edge of the cabinet.

Install drawer rails step by step

  • drawer rail
  • screw
  • corner
  • pencil
  • drilling machine
  • Holzbohrer
  • screwdriver
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • flashlight

1. Measure and mark

Try inserting the drawer rail into the side panels of the drawer. Only then can you see the exact positions for the screw connection. Then draw the points with the pencil. Of course, if the drawer has a large bezel, it should also be attached to the drawer so you can measure the distance up and to other drawers.

2. Check the angles

Before you drill, it is important to check the right angle of the markers with an angle. Take your time and look carefully if necessary with the flashlight.

3. Pre-drilling

When pre-drilling, be sure to use a drill bit one size smaller than the screw that screws the rail. Besides, you should not pierce, of course.

4. Screw

As annoying as that is, drawer rails usually sit better when you screw them in with a screwdriver by hand. The cordless screwdriver is often too fast and can easily over-tighten the small screws.

Tips & Tricks

So that you do not pierce the often very thin wooden plate during pre-drilling, you should defuse the drill a bit. It works well with an old wine cork, which you measure exactly. Only release enough of the drill so that it can not pierce out through the side wall of the cabinet.

Product Image: bane.m / Shutterstock

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