Drawer under table top - that's how it works

Whether dining table or desk, under the table top is usually still room for a drawer. In addition, many small things, such as cutlery or napkins are needed here. Even under a countertop can easily attach an additional drawer. Here we show the different ways to attach a drawer under the table top.

DIY store - drawer systems

Most drawers are held sideways or from below. Thus, these systems are not likely to be placed under the table. But there are other systems that grab the top of the drawer. However, not all DIY stores are sufficiently well sorted yet. For such special drawer systems, you may need to search a little longer.

Some manufacturers offer drawer rails for overhead mounting. These are ideal for mounting a drawer under a table top or under a worktop. In the hardware store ask specifically for this term. Maybe the rails can be ordered.

Self-made - drawer system under the table top

If, despite everything, you can not find what you are looking for in the hardware store, you can install a drawer system under the table relatively easily. All you need is a U-rail on each side of the drawer where the corresponding rail will later be routed. These U-rails are screwed under the table top or under a worktop.

On the edge of the drawer, a metal or wooden rail is then screwed, which is inserted into the U-rail. However, this drawer is difficult to secure against unwanted pulling out.

Use conventional rail systems

To use a normal drawer from a cabinet or chest of drawers, you need side guides. You can do this by installing a shelf with shelf angles under the table so that the shelf is vertical. If you have a side guide on either side of the drawer, you can easily reuse the standard drawer rails that are found in almost every cabinet.

Tips & Tricks

The Swedish furniture store formerly had complete drawers with the right device in the range. However, both the drawer tray and the associated rails were made of milky plastic. The advantage, however, was the low weight, if the drawer should be screwed under the table.

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