Drawers as shelves - this is how it is built

Old drawers should not be thrown away with the dresser. On the contrary, drawers are being looked for today. We'll show you why that is. Because from old drawers you can build a great individual shelf, which is guaranteed to have no one else. Here is the step by step guide for a shelf of drawers.

Build a shelf from drawers step by step

  • drawers
  • glue
  • screw
  • Wallpaper / wrapping paper
  • acrylic paint
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • brush
  • scissors
  • screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • clamping Force

1. Sort drawers

On the floor should be placed the deepest drawers you have. Then you continue with less deep drawers. The flattest drawers should be placed at the top of your new shelf. If a TV is to be on the shelf, a sufficiently large space must remain free in the middle.

The drawers sideways can then record the receiver or the DVD player. If you do not have enough drawers, you can add some wine or apple crates to the shelf.

2. Decorate the painting and the back wall

Make a note of which drawer should later be placed at which place. After painting, you may not be able to see a mark. It's best to make a quick photo with your smartphone, then you can orientate yourself.

The shelf looks particularly classy later, when you stick the back walls of the drawers with different but matching pieces of wrapping paper or wallpaper. Before that the drawers should be painted. For a beautiful shabby look, draw the drawers in a variety of delicate pastel shades and also use pastel shades for back walls.

3. Glue and screw

Put some glue on the places where two drawers collide. Then fasten the two drawers together with clamping clamps. After drying, you can additionally secure the drawers with a screw. Be sure to drill the holes with a thin wood drill. Make sure that the screws are not too long, so they do not stick out on the other side.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the shelf, you can also hang individual drawers on the wall like a picture. Small drawers are actually also suitable as picture frames. So, later, the entire decoration in the room fits together harmoniously.

Video Board: How to Build Plywood Drawers With Screws