Assemble drawers

Many drawers are assembled in the same way. In some cases, the side parts are already connected to the rear part and only need to be glued. Kitchen drawers that need to carry more weight, however, consist of individual side panels and back wall. Here we show you how to assemble these types of drawers perfectly.

Sort items

Usually you have to assemble several drawers in a kitchen or similar work in the same system. Therefore, you should put the individual parts of each drawer first sorted on a pile. Otherwise you may later have too low a side part on one drawer and too high a part on another drawer.

If you have to disassemble drawers and reassemble them, it often does not go away without damage. That would be really annoying in addition to the work.

  • side panels
  • back
  • ground
  • Extracts / rails
  • front
  • Handle

Individual fronts

Since the front is often selected extra, it is not included with many manufacturers in the package with the drawer parts. The front should therefore also be assigned to the correct parts. In addition, it is often useful to attach the handle before assembling the drawer. This makes the work easier, as all pages are still freely accessible. In this course, any necessary click brackets should be screwed, which are required for drawers with click system.

Click or screw - plug drawer system together

The newer drawer systems, also from the Swedish furniture store, often already have a click system. Here, the parts are merely stuck together in order. First, the two side parts are plugged into the back. Then the floor is pushed in and the front is placed on the rest of the body.

Of course it is not always that easy. With many drawers, you do not only have to screw but also work with glue. Always wipe off the glue immediately if something spills out.

Tips & Tricks

If you are unfortunate enough to need to assemble a wooden drawer that may not even have the holes for the screws pre-drilled, you should make a proper fit with a thin wood drill bit. With several drawers, you can make a small template out of paper as a working aid.

Video Board: How to Put Together