Plant drawers - decorative and new

The old chest is too big and bulky, or just not nice anymore? Then just do not throw the drawers away. From old drawers can be conjured up today in many areas a great decoration. You can even plant the drawers. Here are some examples of which decorative drawers you can create with plants.

Kitchen drawers - rediscovered

In the past, there were many small drawers in the kitchens that were meant for flour, sugar or spices. Anyone lucky enough to even find them in a porcelain, glass or ceramic version does not even need much preparatory work to plant the kitchen herbs in these drawers.

A larger oblong wooden drawer can also be transformed into a herbal bed for the windowsill. Then, however, the inner side should be lined with foil, so that the irrigation water on the one hand does not go through and on the other hand does not let the wood rot. Often, especially for herbs, there are small plant bags made from a kind of pond liner. This protects the drawers twice and makes it easy to replace individual plants when they are not thriving any more.

Ideas with planted drawers for the kitchen

  • small herb drawers
  • Decorative herb garden on the windowsill
  • Hanging garden for herbs

Winter garden and terrace - drawer decoration

In a large conservatory, of course, the whole comode can be nicely planted. For this purpose, the good piece but should be previously painted as possible with boat paint. The drawers are then pulled out gradually. However, these drawers should also be knocked out with a sturdy foil. Also ideal is pond liner.

As a precaution, the drawers, which are further pulled out, should be secured to the floor with an invisible wooden block of the same color. After all, nobody wants to have a drawer full of soil and plants spilled out on the floor.

Tips & Tricks

In the conservatory or in the kitchen, the drawers can be very beautifully used as hanging gardens. Simply screw the same handles to the drawer on all four sides and hang them on the ceiling with a decorative jewelery chain or a sturdy rope. Again, the drawer should of course be knocked out with foil, so that the casting is not a shower.

Video Board: Planting Drawer Raised Beds