Organize drawers - gain an overview

Drawers have been created for small useful things. But in the drawers small objects fly around freely and then partially confuse each other. It becomes difficult to get an overview of the objects and to find what you are looking for. Therefore, small drawers should be inserted into the drawers so that each part has its place.

Sort and organize

Before you can reorganize the drawer, the superfluous things should be sorted out. We all like to throw things like single screws or dropped buttons into a drawer with odds and ends. Unfortunately, most of these small items will never see the light again.

Sort thematically

So sort out all things that are actually more in the workshop. There you can create a small assortment box for all the individual screws, nails and nuts that you will find when tidying up. The same is true of other subjects, such as sewing utensils or, for example, paper clips. This will give you a much better overview in each drawer.

Divide drawer

With a division, the drawer can be cleared much easier. Many manufacturers of kitchens, for example, now have matching ranges to the drawers. However, many of these systems are also quite expensive. Countless boxes and small boxes can be converted into a drawer system. Whether egg carton or the boxes of cotton swabs, many simple boxes put together in the drawer the perfect order.

  • cutlery cases
  • separating strips
  • freezer containers
  • small boxes
  • egg cartons
  • Plastic lid

Tinker division

Especially nice are the divisions of the drawer, if you refer them decorative with wrapping paper or beautiful napkins. A small floral wallpaper is also suitable for purchasing the various small boxes. So get noodle cartons, rice boxes or margarine pots with little decoration effort a beautiful shell.

Tips & Tricks

Whether napkin boxes or the lid of Nussnugat glass, you can even equip very flat drawers with low boxes. Thus, from a barely used actually very impractical drawer becomes a useful organizing aid. Just do not throw away any packaging right away, but look first to see if the dimensions might be helpful in a drawer.

Video Board: Get organized one drawer at a time!