Drawing drawers with fabric - that's how it works

Especially in the bedroom, many appreciate a homely look. Therefore, the drawers are covered with fabric. Usually in different pastel shades, which should offer a patchwork look. This crafting is done relatively quickly and offers a very cozy effect. Especially older dressers can get a second life.

Step by step draw drawers with fabric

  • fabric glue
  • acrylic paint
  • drawer knobs
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • flat brush
  • scissors

1. Prepare the drawer

Most pastel-colored fabrics are quite thin and translucent. Do you then have a dark or heavily interspersed wood, this outside is slightly off. Therefore, it is better to prime the drawer in white beforehand. If the entire dresser is to be painted anyway, you can use the same color for it.

2. Measure fabric and cut

The fabric must have a sufficiently large supernatant on all sides. Depending on the size of the drawer, the fabric should be cut at least four centimeters too large. Place the drawer face down on the fabric and draw the outlines with a pencil or chalk on the left side of the fabric.

Then cut out the fabric with the appropriate addition. If you have a pinking scissors for fabric here is more suitable because the fabric is not so easy to fray.

3. Bond the fabric

Use an adhesive that is applied with a brush. This allows the adhesive to be distributed over the entire surface in a thin and covering manner. With a tube or a pen, you will not get such a uniform fabric surface.

If the drawer has been covered with fabric, press the fabric onto the surface. For longer drawers you start at one end and put more and more fabric on. Then the fabric is carefully but carefully pressed on the whole surface. The drawer should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before the knob can be attached.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of sticking, you can also staple the fabric in many cases. But then you need a good stapler, who sunk the staples deep in the wood, otherwise the drawer may be difficult to open and close. In addition, not every substance is suitable for this work, because very thin fabrics could easily tear.

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