Dream Job: Estate Agent

In principle, any real estate agent can be and requires for this only a business registration, which entitles him to self-employment of the trade. But it is not really advisable to choose the occupation as a career changer without an education. It makes more sense to complete an apprenticeship as a real estate agent and thus learn the technical basics and specifications for real estate acquisition.

Even if it sounds simple and lets assume that a broker does not require a high level of expertise and only needs to implement the information provided by the real estate owner, formulate it and bring it closer to the buyer or interested tenant, the misconception is far from over and in most cases leads to failure in the job.

Only real estate agents with a good image receive numerous orders and can thus live on real estate. Especially for newcomers it is difficult to establish and to gain a foothold in a market that is already densely frequented. If you want to gain high-quality experience and specialize in the market, a training in a renowned brokerage office should be the basis for a professional activity. Further prerequisites are a serious and self-confident appearance, a decent and appealing appearance, as well as eloquence and the ability to adapt specifically to people. Only brokers who orientate their appearance on their customers have success and convince by sympathy and seriousness according to the ideas of their customers.

Various factors are important for success in the real estate profession. Very shy and less sociable people should rethink the choice of profession, since the real estate agent is constantly in contact with strangers and his appearance decides significantly whether he rented or sold an object. The customer wants to be convinced and umgarnt, prefers a courteous treatment and expects the real estate agent that he understands his wishes and seeks the right property with this knowledge. Self-confident sales geniuses have good chances in this industry to establish themselves and reach a prestigious stand.

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