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"The Dremel Micro is the handiest multi-functional device from Dremel and weighs just 20 ounces in length, just 250 grams... Thanks to its narrow handle with softgrip sheath, the Dremel Micro sits comfortably in the hand and can be held like a pen, making do-it-yourselfers With its high degree of precision and the numerous accessories, filigree work such as cutting small shapes made of wood, plastic or metal can be carried out very easily... The Dremel Micro surprises with sophisticated details. "

Dremel Micro im: Micro

So it promises Dremel in the press release to the new Dremel Micro and at least the first impression confirms the amazingly small size and manageability. Whether the Dremel Micro is externally small or even has a micro-heart, will show our test.

Technical specifications


  • Rated voltage: 7.2V
  • Sound power: 75.3 dB (A)
  • Battery: Li 1.0 Ah
  • Idling speed: 5000 - 28000 min -1
  • Clamping diameter: 0.8 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm
  • Battery charger: 230 V, 26 W, 3.6 - 10.8 V, 1.5 A
  • Charging time: 3.75 h

Well thought-out manual

Dremel Micro im: dremel

It is generally known that men rarely read a manual but read it, and in this case it is certainly not wrong.

Although the note "Translation of the original user manual" is a bit deterrent, phrases such as "you must turn it" are not found in this manual. Instead, it contains, in addition to the usual safety instructions, clear pictures and useful operating instructions.

In addition, general information about cutting, grinding and polishing is provided. An overview lists all essays with type number, work area and maximum speed.

Dremel Micro im: Micro

This makes it easy to find the right tool for the task at hand.

The Dremel Micro in a tailor-made hardcase

Dremel Micro im: Dremel Micro

Dremel Micro delivery

The packaging should split the buyers opinions. A complete package, in which everything can be found, is unfortunately not available.

Although that is included and right extensive accessories Well housed in a box, except for the Dremel Micro itself, but all other parts (charging station, power supply, user manual) need a separate storage.

Since the Dremel Micro is well suited for mobile use due to its size, this variant of the transport option should be well received.

Dremel Micro im: Dremel Micro

Separate case for the Dremel Micro

Who uses this separate storage, has for the Dremel Micro a fancy casein which it can be stored safely. The insert has a good to unfortunately too good fit.

Dremel Micro im: dremel

Use in the case dissolves easily

Charging station with practical tool holders

Dremel Micro im: dremel

Dremel Micro Charging Station

The charging station is practical, easy to use, but also has room for improvement. The Dremel Micro can be used easily and safely and the LEDs on the device clearly indicate the charging process.

With more than three hours is the charging time Although a bit long, but it compensates for the Enduring battery and reloading was not necessary in the test.

A slightly stronger power supply could reduce the charging time. It is practical, however, that the Dremel Micro can also be stored fully charged in the charging station and is always at hand.

The charging process is indicated by changing LEDs on the Dremel Micro. If they go out, the Dremel is finished loading. The charging station itself has no own display. This does not indicate whether it is currently connected to the grid or not.

A small LED at the charging station would be helpful and would signal the current network condition.

Since the charging station can not find any place in a packaging and also contains practical tool holders, it is in good hands stationary in a permanent place. It is safe and the separate power supply can be easily replaced if necessary.

Operation and handling of the Dremel Micro

The first impression confirms the introductory sentence - "The Dremel Micro is the most handy multifunctional device from Dremel..." He is small, light and lies well in the hand. Without tools he runs absolutely quiet and is still pleasant at full speed in the volume. He has earned the name "Dremel-Micro".

Dremel Micro im: Dremel Micro

Size comparison: Dremel 3000 - Dremel Micro - Dremel 8100

What immediately catches the eye is the new one electronic speed adjustment, with which the speeds can be selected in stages. This radiates technical ease of use, but not only benefits.

The Micro always starts with the same speed of 15000 min-1, For many works that is certainly practical, but sometimes also getting used to. In an electronic control, it would be desirable that the last set speed remains stored.

A clear difference can be seen in comparison to other models. The Dremel Micro is smaller, slimmer and above all much lighter, For engraving and grinding, where it must be kept longer, therefore, the ideal companion.

Very handy is the charging indicator in the form of a different shining LED. A luxury that not all tools of this size offer today.

Up to one Charge state of 50% lights up this green, below it turns orange and orange asks in red to recharge the battery, Under load, the display sometimes changes the display one level down, but this is not disturbing and signals that you should probably work with less pressure.

The tool change Thanks to the locking button, it is quick and easy Of course, once you know all the possible uses of the Dremel Micro, you will very often have to switch between different tools.

The Dremel Micro in the field test

Now we want to see what the new little boy does. For this we tested different tools in their special field of application.

Separating steel

Dremel Micro im: Dremel Micro

Separating steel

In the practical test comes first the 38mm metal cutting disc with EZ SpeedClic for use. Since it is a supplied accessory, this should be well suited. Unfortunately, however, the slightly lower performance of the Dremel Micro is noticeable.

He tours while trying to separate an 8 mm threaded rod from and tilting leads to a halt, We are struggling slowly forward, but this is where the already mentioned fixed starting speed makes itself felt when switching on again.

After each automatic stop, the speed must be reset and the battery indicator with a red light indicates that too much is expected. When idle, the battery level is reset to the correct value.

However, the Dremel Micro works perfectly with the 24 mm much smaller and above all thinner cutting disc (not included) and separates the steel at a lower performance in an acceptable time. If we look at the size and do not forget that it is a micro, there is nothing wrong with the somewhat lower performance.

Grinding wood-based materials

Dremel Micro im: Dremel Micro

Sanding of wood material

No matter which Dremel, the Sanding pin with 13 mm sanding belt always delivers good work and a proper erosion.

Since the little Micro makes no exception and the grinding result is absolutely convincing.

It is already needed a strong pressure to impress him.

Adjust something here, as you quickly chop a saw - the Dremel Micro is quick to hold and a great tool in the workshop.

Milling in wood

Dremel Micro im: Micro

Milling in wood

Here is the Dremel Micro at home. High speed, lower power consumption and a really handy tool. It's fun to work with him and the high-speed milling cutter leaves nothing to be desired.

A clean milling cut and the lightweight Dremel Micro make you want more and even longer work does not let your hand tire prematurely. Very practical in this case is the integrated lighting of the Dremel Micro. Thus, the work area is perfectly lit and there are no disturbing shadows.

Grinding and polishing of steel

The small sandpaper discs require some practice in handling, but work very well on the Dremel Micro and deliver a first-class result even on larger straight surfaces.

When polishing, however, again the fixed starting speed is a bit disturbing.

Dremel Micro im: dremel

Grinding and polishing steel

If you use a slightly more fluid polishing paste, it is not possible to take it with the polishing attachment while it is stationary and then distribute it at a slow speed.

At a Starting speed of 15000 min-1, this is already distributed in the workshop.

Nevertheless, the polishing attachment gives a good result and small areas can be processed very well.

During the practical test, the Dremel Micro was not recharged and, according to the battery status display, still had a battery power of 50%. A very impressive result.

Conclusion - Dremel Micro with a big heart for grinding, engraving and milling work

All in all, the Dremel Micro is a successful tool and delivers what it promises. He is small, light, handy and convinces by a quiet run.

Dremel Micro im: Micro

Dremel Micro in the test - almost perfect

He does his almost unlimited tasks reliably and impresses with a good performance. However, everyone should be aware that a Dremel Micro can not have the same performance as its bigger brothers.

If you regularly want to separate or process steel, you should use a cable device or the larger battery variant. For grinding, engraving or small milling work, the Dremel Micro is the ideal companion.

The light weight can be handled easily and the working time is limited only by the battery power and not by tired hands. Certainly a replacement battery would be desirable, but the size and the low weight would not be useful.

Given the size, there is nothing to complain about the performance. Helpful is the battery charge indicator and the integrated lighting, which is painfully missed by other devices after this test.


  • Small and lies very well in the hand
  • Light
  • Very smooth running
  • Sufficient power and battery life
  • Simple tool change
  • Integrated work light

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Increase the power of the charger and integrate the operating display
  • Change the preset start speed to minimum or save the last used speed

The mentioned criticisms are small and could be revised, but it can also be good with life. They barely limit the actual functions. Therefore, the Dremel Micro is a tool that will earn many satisfied buyers and to which we can congratulate the company Dremel.

This test was conducted in January 2015.

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