Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling

Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling: trio

Grinding, Cutting, Milling: Three things that occur again and again in the life of the handyman and for which he himself usually buy three devices got to. However, if you have a small workshop, you may not be able to get a large amount of machinery into the house - this is also quite expensive.

With the Dremel TRIO combine all three functions now in one device: First saw, then grind and then with the various accessories milling perform - the all-rounder is flexible, adaptable and extremely handy.

Also Filigree work, for example in the furniture and automotive restoration, go with this device good by the hand. We introduce you the Dremel TRIO.

Handling of the Dremel Trio

Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling: dremel


Whether sawing, grinding or milling: during use, the Dremel TRIO good in the hand and creates to make rough as well as smaller and filigree works that are more difficult to handle with larger devices. In addition, the router can be with a few steps and the wrench included in the set change.

Sawing with the Dremel Trio

Cutting as with a jigsaw: The Dremel TRIO dives reliably like a good pendulum jigsaw, but is more agile and versatile. So can Drywall, wood, wall tiles, plastic, Plexiglas or sheet metal processed with the all-rounder - in tight radii, without frequent dismantling and repositioning.

Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling: milling


Recesses of any size can be realized in this way For example, for sockets, switches or for additional displays in dashboards historical vehicles.


Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling: milling


After cutting, the cut edge is pretty smooth, but not smooth enough: The Dremel TRIO grinds off all burrs and ensures a smooth cutting edge, To switch from the cutting to the grinding function, only the accessories are replaced, and on it goes.


Milling is the fine art of woodworking and requires a sure and knowledgeable hand - but not least a good tool.

Again, the Dremel sets standards: Filigree curves, precise surface treatment, clean edges, no problem. The bevel cutter, bevel cutter and groove cutter work out form-perfect details.

Example of use: Oldtimer restoration

Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling: cutting

Interior of a classic car

In this application example, you'll see a Dremel-built cup holder for a vintage vehicle - perfect round cuts and a completely consistent result.

The high flexibility and small dimensions of the Dremel TRIO make it ideal for working on historic vehicles.

Wood, metal, plastic, composites - the Dremel can saw, mill and grind all these materials.

Dremel TRIO: Three tools - one device

Dremel Trio: grinding, cutting milling: milling

Cutting, grinding, milling.

Extensive accessories, known good dremel quality and high working precision.

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