The cladding of the attic stairs has visual and functional effects

If a floor staircase is mounted in a ceiling, it should be made as "invisible" as possible for visual reasons. For the dressing in the style of the remaining ceiling installation is the right way. A mechanical difficulty is often the fixed side of the staircase flap, the folding mechanism should close flush.

Flap and frame

When installing a loft ladder a veneer frame is usually mounted around the lining of the accessway. In addition to the optical finish of the frame has the function to cover the material of the seal of the attic stairs. The frame sits a few millimeters on the ceiling surface.

To seal a staircase airtight and to achieve the required U-value, a final frame is indispensable. Therefore, the appearance of the ceiling is usually absorbed and continued when directly cladding the attic stairs.

Small order

For whitewashed ceilings, white lacquered frames and flap surfaces are common and are of little note due to a shade of the same color. The same applies to colored ceilings in which the underside of the flap surface and the frame are adjusted.

If a ceiling is covered with panels or wood, the flap can be put on or clad like a panel. The panels or wood are glued or screwed directly to the surface. The frame strips are made of the same material as the rest of the ceiling paneling and are as thin as possible, two to five millimeters thick, chosen so that they apply only low.

Additional cover or second flap

For suspended ceilings, the installation of a second independent viewing flap is unavoidable. Important is the size of the passage, which should have on the fixed side with the hinges at least ten inches of "air" to the overlying attic stairs.

The passageway on the suspended level is mounted on the principle of a wallpaper door or a refrigerator paneling in a fitted kitchen. The folding hinges can be placed on the invisible top of the flap. In order to enable the path, this wide-angle or cup hinges must be used, as they are known in the kitchen.

Tips & Tricks

If you are planning a fairing with a construction of more than ten centimeters, the installation of a second independent flap is recommended.

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