Remove dried red wine stains with increasing intensity

When red wine stains have dried, the removal is not as easy as with fresh stains. However, there is an extensive choice of methods and means to rid both washable and firmly fixed stain carriers of their dried impurities. The sensitivity of the surface is usually crucial.

Try "fresh" methods first

In principle, any method recommended and used for cleaning fresh red wine stains is worth a try, even if the stains are dry. The effect of salt or better still whiting can be set in motion by moistening the existing stains.

In all cases material-friendly, by moistening the use bleaching agent is to move once. Straight chalk and white wine can produce good cleaning results without heavy material load. Milk, gall soap and lemon juice help with soakable textiles such as clothing, tablecloths and pillowcases to get rid of the dried red wine stains finally and completely in the following machine wash. The distribution of mineral water on horizontal dirt carriers such as sofa or carpet can achieve amazing results even with dried red wine stains.

Alcohol, gasoline and bleach

If red wine stains are on the wall, they are generally dried soils. Here, the methods used for fresh red wine stains rarely or not apply. Almost always bleaches are needed to remove stains in these cases.

With old red wine stains in silk and wool, a dabbing and from outside to inside a circular incorporation of cleaning alcohol or benzine can help. This is also possible with viscose fibers, wherein care must be taken in all three materials on the color fastness, since the means dissolve many colorants.

Enzyme-dissolving detergents and cleaners

Almost all modern detergents, from washing powder for clothing to dishwashing detergents and dishwashing tablets to glass cleaners, have enzyme-splitting ingredients. The enzyme cleavage is conducted barrier-free by surfactants into the polluted fibers. This gives almost all detergents and cleaners the option of cleaning against dried red wine stains.

Tips & Tricks

Also try the "miracle shaving" shaving cream before working with harder or acidic substances. A light moistening and repeated repeating can make all further removal attempts superfluous.

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