Porcelain stoneware drills must be hard

Porcelain stoneware is the hardest ceramic that can be produced. It is hardly porous and very break-resistant. Accordingly, it is difficult to use the right porcelain stoneware drill bit. The most promising variants are diamond drills with water cooling.

Indications of the right time

When drilling porcelain stoneware, the quality of the drill and the drilling speed are the two main criteria. Although many dealers and manufacturers offer stone drills as suitable, the risk of drilling damage exists.

A diamond drill minimizes the risk of drilling porcelain stoneware. Its hardness penetrates the porcelain stoneware without any problems when used correctly. However, cooling during drilling is very important as heat can cause cracks in the glaze, for example.

Reasonable interval

Diamond drills are usually equipped with a diamond tip or a diamond ring. Before buying should be searched in various forums and sales portals according to experience reports if possible. Regardless of the amount of the price, there are great differences in quality. Even brand drills sometimes lose the diamond point after just a few holes.

Products with water cooling should be calculated for a price from twenty euros per piece. With cheaper drills, a drilling capacity of five to ten holes is expected before the diamond tip is ground down. The wear is also influenced by the handling. Slow drilling reduces the heat, which better tolerates the drill as well as the porcelain stoneware.
As an accessory, we recommend the purchase of a stop aid with suction cup attachment. With its help, the drill can be put on and purposefully penetrate into the porcelain stoneware. As an alternative, to avoid slipping on the smooth surface, the drilling site can be masked with a cross-over tape.

Tips & Tricks

An uncooled diamond drill is cheaper. If you drill very carefully with slow rotation - possibly with a cordless screwdriver - the regular spraying of the borehole with water is sufficient.

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