Drill rig comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the drill rig comparison or test 2018

  • The drill stand provides the drill with a secure footing. Drilling can thus be performed with greater precision.
  • Since the drill is fixed in the drill stand, you will work much safer with this device. This is an important factor especially in difficult manual work.
  • Drill stands can be mounted flexibly wherever they are needed. This only a few steps are necessary.

Drill rig comparison 2018: 2018

Drilling holes in a piece of wood at a right angle can be a real art. Carrying out holes in this way cleanly is hardly possible freehand in many cases. In order to achieve a higher precision here, the use of drill stands is recommended.

These milled edges can replace a bench drill reliably, allow accurate vertical drilling and thus represent an important purchase for every handyman. The test rig of Stiftung Warentest shows that you as a beginner can buy a drill stand low and still benefit from a good quality,

1. Drill rig in tests - drill vertical holes like a pro

Mobile drill stand and stand drill stand
In practice, it is important to distinguish mobile drill rigs and stand rigs. You can take the mobile drill stand anywhere with you and precisely drill holes in walls or wooden beams. The stand drill stand, in turn, is used when machining strips and rails made of metal, plastic and also wood. The drill stand gets its permanent place in your workshop.

When it comes to the vertical drilling of holes with the highest accuracy, nobody stands out from the drill stand. When you buy a drill stand, you benefit from fast, safe and accurate work, They drill the holes, for example, in wooden beams on the door frame, in walls and in many other places in and around the house. Thus, the drill stand next to the drill is one of the indispensable tools of any home improvement.

Stability is one of the most important criteria when buying a drill stand, Only with a stable milling drill do you succeed in holes that later offer little play and therefore also meet high demands on the craftsmanship. If you already have the right drilling machine for drill stands, there is nothing standing in the way of the exact drilling of vertical holes. Drill stands are just as useful for the layman as for the experienced professional.

2. Drill stand: These variants are available in the market

When buying a true drill stand test winner, it is important to pay attention to the equipment. Especially here, the manufacturers set accents.

Accessories / Equipmentdescription
Fine thread screw
  • Some drill stands are equipped with an additional fine thread screw.
  • Thanks to this adjustment, drilling with special precision is possible.
  • The user receives significantly more control over the execution of the bore.
angle adjustment
  • If the drill stand has an angle setting, not only can vertical holes be drilled.
  • By adjusting the angle it is possible to drill 45 degree holes.
  • The angle adjustment gives the user more options when drilling holes.
  • The angle adjustment can usually be done without tools by means of a quick release.
rubber feet
  • A firm footing is indispensable for the function of the drill stand. For this reason, some manufacturers equip their drill stand with rubber feet.
  • The rubber feet are non-slip and thus ensure a secure footing.
  • If necessary, the rubber feet can be renewed.
  • If the drill stand is equipped with a stop, you can specify up to which depth you can drill to the maximum.
  • A stopper is especially useful for large jobs where you need to drill holes of the same depth over and over again.
  • Advantageous if all holes must necessarily have the same depth in a workpiece.

2.1. The advantages and disadvantages of the drill rigs at a glance

The following table gives you an initial overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a drill stand.

  • safe working with a fixed drill
  • vertical holes can be made with high precision
  • mobile drill stands can be used flexibly anywhere; ideal in combination with cordless drills
  • Hub is limited
  • Stand drill stands have a high weight
  • Working height can not be changed with the stand drill stand

3. Purchase advice for drill stands: drill holes with the highest precision

Drill rig comparison 2018: drill

The drill stand is an indispensable tool in the hobby workshop.

The Drill stand offers you many advantages in practice for your everyday craft work. The best drill stand is the one that is specially designed for the task at hand and, for example, has a sufficiently large base plate for a stable stand. In the purchase advice, you can see which features you should pay particular attention.

3.1. Bohrständertyp

The mobile drill stand is used for flexible work everywhere in the house. These tools are relatively small and, above all, lightweight and therefore easy to transport. On the other hand, stand drill stands are designed for stationary use and are significantly larger and heavier. Use the stand drill stand to drill holes in strips.

3.2. The working height

Drill rig comparison 2018: drill stand

Mobile drill rigs in tests have a flexible working height.

The working height of the drill stand can either be fixed or flexible. A fixed working height can be, for example, 25 to 35 cm. The working height determines how high the workpiece may beinto which you want to drill holes with the drill. The stand drill stands have a fixed working height.

3.3. The size of the base plate

Only stand drill stands have a base plate. The larger the plate fails, the more stable the stand gets, and at the same time the weight increases. Typical values ​​for the base plate are, for example, 20 × 20 cm. Too small should be the base plate in any case, otherwise the stability suffers.

3.4. The weight

For a stand drill stand, the weight is much higher due to the design as a mobile drill, A higher weight gives the drill stand a higher stabilitybut at the same time makes transport difficult. mobile drill weigh between 1 and 2 kg, stand drill stands weigh between 5 and 15 kg. Here it is important to find a suitable compromise for your work.

3.5. The hub

Drill rig comparison 2018: drill

A drill stand must be of high quality.

The Hub indicates how deep you are with the drill Can drill holes. Since stand drill stands are designed for drilling holes in rails, the lift on the stand drill stand is significantly smaller than on the mobile drill stand. Good stand drill stands create a stroke of 60 to 70 mm. With mobile drill stands, this value should be more than 300 mm, so that you can drill even in thick wooden beams.

3.6. The dimensions

Buy a drill stand suitable for your workshop. It is important that the machine has the right size for the desired location. This criterion therefore plays an important role, especially for stand drill stands. In the base of the drill stand usually take 20 x 30 cm, some models are also much larger. The size of the base depends essentially on the dimensions of the base plate. In terms of height, the stand drill stands estimate about 50 cm, Mobile drill righe are much smaller and easier to stow away if you do not need the tool and the hammer right now. The dimensions are about 10 by 15 cm in the area and about 30 cm in height.

4. The most important questions about drill rigs

4.1. How do I find a suitable drill stand?

Drill rig comparison 2018: drill stand

Drill stands sometimes differ significantly in terms of equipment.

If you want to place workpieces in the drill stand and work stationary in the workshop, you need a stand drill stand. If you would like to take the drill stand with you and use it anywhere in the house, for example, to drill holes in walls, for example with a masonry drill, then you should opt for a mobile drill stand.

4.2. Which hub does my drill rig require?

With the drill stand, the stroke determines how high the inserted workpiece may be. Since you will not be able to change the hub later, you should pay particular attention to this feature when making a purchase. Especially when working thick wooden beams or when drilling deep holes in furniture, it depends on a high lift. Here, the drill stand must be mobile, with a stroke of about 320 mm.

4.3. What influences the stability of my drill stand?

Various factors affect the stability of the drill stand. Basically, a stand drill stand is more stable than a mobile drill stand, as there is a base plate and the weight is higher. If you want to increase the stability further, you should opt for a model with a larger base plate. A large base plate has, for example, dimensions of 30 by 18 cm.

4.4. Which brands play an important role in the category of drill rigs?

High-quality drill stands are available from brands such as Dremel, Bosch and Wolfcraft as well as Wabeco and Proxxon. With a Metabo Drill Stand, you can expect high durability and reliability, just like a Wabeco Drill Stand or Wolfcraft Drill Stand.

From these brands you will also get matching drill stand adapters, SDS drills, belt grinders or orbital sanders. These brands also provide you with other useful tools, such as orbital sander, angle grinder, and a pair of metal shears for many handcraft related work related to the drill stand.

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