Boil drinking water - when, how and how long

The decoction is considered a cleaning method for drinking water. What does it actually do, in which cases you should boil off, and how long, reveals in detail the following post.

Effect of decoction

The decoction of drinking water is mainly used to kill any living germs contained therein. Also tap water is not sterile, it may contain a small number of germs.

By boiling, volatile compounds are also removed from the water. However, many pollutants such as heavy metals or dissolved ions remain in the water.

Only when the vapor is collected and condensed, you get very pure water - namely distilled water.

In addition, the water hardness is reduced by the cooking - the carbonate hardness precipitates when heated above 60° C.

When to boil down

Water should always be boiled off, if one suspects that dangerous germs could occur in larger numbers in it. In some cases, a proof of the water supplier also asked for a decoction, until the problem is resolved.

Water for the preparation of baby bottles should always be boiled. The germs in the water can multiply explosively on the milk powder in a very short time. The water can be used after boiling for about a day before it comes to recontamination.

How long to boil off

If you boil water, it should boil bubbly for at least 3 minutes. It is safer, however, to set a cooking time of 10 minutes. The boiled water can then be used for a maximum of 24 hours before it germinates again. In difficult conditions, this time is shorter, the water should be used as soon as possible after boiling.

Tips & Tricks

With the quality of the German drinking water a decoction is not necessarily necessary for a safe enjoyment, except the own water pipes show a germination. In this case, the cause should be eliminated as soon as possible and the lines should be disinfected. As an alternative to cooking can also serve UV disinfection.

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