Drinking water consumption in Germany and in the world

How high our average consumption of drinking water in Germany is, and which areas account for which proportion, you can read here. You can also find the numbers from other parts of the world in comparison, and some tips on how much you should actually drink.

Average consumption in Germany and worldwide

Since the 1990s, the average consumption of drinking water in Germany has fallen by around 25 liters - from 147 liters per person per day to only 122 liters per day.

This value is one of the lowest in all Western industrial nations. In the US, for example, the per capita consumption is more than 475 liters per day, Canada and Australia are still well over 350 liters per capita per day.

After all, in the southern countries Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, consumption is still more than twice as high as in Germany.

In Denmark and Great Britain, however, it is one third compared to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are also significantly lower in terms of water consumption.

Much of the world

Around 1.1 billion people have to live on less than 20 liters per day, another 2 billion people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water at all and have to supply from streams, ponds and brackish water retention.

In Madagascar, around 5 liters of drinking water are available per capita every day, while in India it is just under 25 liters per person per day.

Distribution of drinking water use

Around half (44 percent) of drinking water consumption in Germany is accounted for by bathing, showering and personal hygiene. Another third (33 percent) is used for toilet flushing.

Laundry washing accounts for about 15 percent of total water consumption, dishwashers spend about 7 percent, and for drinking and food preparation only 5 percent of the German average.

In addition, about 10 billion liters of bottled water are consumed in Germany every year. By the way, in the USA, that's about three times as much. The consumption of bottled water is rising. The figures include not only spring waters but also medicinal waters and table waters.

Tips & Tricks

Given the high water consumption in our latitudes and the dwindling water resources, it is advisable to think about your own consumption and savings in a quiet hour.

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