Drinking water purification - what should be cleaned from, and when does that make sense?

Tap water is basically sufficiently pure with us. When a purification of the drinking water actually makes sense, which methods can be used for it, and which substances should definitely be removed as polluted drinking water, this article illuminates comprehensively.

Purity of water

Water is never perfectly pure, sterile and completely free of harmful substances. This is not a problem as our body can easily dispose of small amounts of harmful substances. Such substances are not only constantly absorbed by the water, but also by the food and breathing air.

An exaggerated purity of water - such as drinking distilled water - can even be very harmful to your health. Although super-pure water is an effective selling point, it is ultimately very bad for your health.

The often advertised reverse osmosis systems for drinking water purification are not only superfluous in terms of the quality of the tap water, but also dangerous. They produce similarly pure water as distilled water - with the same consequences.

Of course, pure spring water is not completely free of impurities - best suited for our body because of its natural mineralization. After all, we have been physiologically well adapted to this type of water for over 200,000 years.

Necessary water purification

Water purification is necessary where the purity demanded by the German Drinking Water Ordinance is not necessarily met - this is the case in many southern countries, as well as in developing countries, but also in the open air, where the water has not been checked.

Even an animal that has died in the upper part of the spring can contaminate the entire source with dangerous germs that can trigger life-threatening illnesses. Since this is not apparent, should never be drunk on outdoor tours water unfiltered - or at least boiled long enough.

If the line installation in the house has hygiene defects, contamination or damage, the water that arrives clean can also be heavily contaminated.

Possibilities of water purification

  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • filtration
  • UV disinfection
  • Treatment with germicides (chlorine, silver ions, chlorides)

Tips & Tricks

A water analysis informs about possible water damage resulting from the house installation.

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