Have drinking water tested - how does it work and what does it do?

Again and again rumors appear about allegedly contaminated tap water. Especially the suppliers of water purification devices and reverse osmosis systems often advertise the allegedly bad German water quality. What a drinking water analysis brings, what is necessary and who makes such analyzes, explained in detail this contribution.

Sense of a drinking water review

The water quality in Germany is usually excellent due to the strict requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. The applicable limit values ​​are monitored very strictly by the water suppliers.


In individual cases, however, the house installation may well have shortcomings, which can lead to significantly worse water quality and pollution. The most dangerous are Legionella in the field of hot water.

Legionella pollution, however, must be carried out at regular intervals by most homeowners who rent their apartments. However, this duty to test drinking water does not affect the owners of homes - here, a separate, regular test is necessary.

Heavy metals and hygiene defects

Even heavy metal contamination, such as iron or lead, can be caused by the house installation. A proof of increased values ​​can provide information about possible structural defects. The same applies to the detection of increased germ counts.

Test laboratories

There are a variety of certified, approved test laboratories that perform a water test for different loads. The range of test criteria varies from laboratory to laboratory.

One of the most well-known testing laboratories in Germany is the Institute for Product Quality (IFP) under wasserschnelltest.de. It offers a straightforward testing process that allows a sample of water to be easily bottled in a requested sample container and sent by post. The procedures are similarly uncomplicated at the numerous other test laboratories.

Test with test strips

Although you can do a quick check with water test strips, the results are not always reliable. Some regulations also require laboratory methods and are not available with test strips. But if you have the water examined, but also receives a result here - about the manganese content.

Tips & Tricks

For homeowners, the Drinking Water Ordinance provides for regular checks of the quality of the drinking water - its own inspections are rarely worthwhile here.

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