Drinking water treatment as a highly profitable market

With something as sardonic as water can actually earn millions in this country - if you do it right. Unfortunately, often to the detriment of consumers, who in many cases do not even notice. Elsewhere money is made with water.

Dirt Lies

In the dealer interest for reverse osmosis & Co. the German drinking water is often bad talked enough. There is often talk of drug residues and hormones, of a poisonous chemical cocktail - one might think that our taps would be the pure manure.

Those who talk badly about the water then usually have the solution for the liquid manure ready at hand: water filters and reverse osmosis systems. Distilled water can also be bought in the drugstore, because nothing else is basically osmosis water. It is completely "pure", chemically actually an acid and freed of all vital minerals.

The fact is, our tap water naturally has minor pollution - water is a natural product. If nature's intactness changes to the negative, natural products naturally change in the same way.

Chemically pure water does not occur in nature anyway. It is a pure art product.
And it does not get us at all. And wasting up to 10 liters of valuable drinking water for a liter of not particularly digestible artificial water (after all, a scarce resource) is almost cynical.

Tap water demonstrably contains pollutants only in such quantities as they would never harm people even with continuous consumption. This is ensured by strict limits - which are also strictly monitored. Anyone can convince himself of that, who can test his. The example of nitrate: almost every head of lettuce from the supermarket contains about 100 times as much nitrate as is permitted in drinking water.

Sales are constantly increasing

Marketing and advertising are not always as close to the truth as you would want - that's well known. But to turn your back completely on the truth, and to present tap water as simply not drinkable, then is a bit bold.

After all, it works. Sales are rising continuously - of course, everyone desperately wants clean water. However, making money from people's fears is simply unethical. Especially if these fears are completely unfounded and only artificially stoked. On the Internet you will find between the bad news and disaster messages hardly any more genuine and well-founded information about the actual water quality from the tap.

In addition, then with one or the other "miracle" such as water-changer, water-Beleber and "whirling devices" earned a lot of money - however, most seem to have swirled the mind of those who actually believe, by stirring water it is "energetically charged". An Experiment: Just stir your coffee in the morning a little longer and see if you feel more energetic.


From the faucet in the kitchen will never come cool spring water - but what comes out is in no way harmful to health. Quite contrary to what comes from some devices. But after all, someone has made a lot of money with the device.

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