Drinking water treatment - which methods and methods are used?

Both in the waterworks there is already a very intensive treatment of the drinking water. In the household, it may be possible to further improve the quality. Which methods and methods are available in detail for the treatment of drinking water is explained in this article.

Treatment in the waterworks

Depending on the quality of the water source, the drinking water in the waterworks must still be subjected to a quality improvement in order to comply with the strict limits of the Drinking Water Ordinance.


Often, drinking water is treated with ozone. This not only kills germs, but also leads to precipitation of iron and manganese. Thus, no separate ironing and demanganating the drinking water take place in order to reach the applicable limits.


In some cases aggressive carbonic acid compounds must be removed from the water. This also prevents corrosion in the pipeline network.

Softening and decarbonization

In order to reduce the naturally occurring water hardness, softening of the water is carried out on the one hand (reduction of the permanent water hardness), on the other hand often only a decarbonization (reduction of the carbonate hardness) is necessary.

Setting parameters

In order to comply with applicable limit values, individual parameters must then be set depending on the water quality of the source. Various chemical and physical processes are used for this purpose.

In the waterworks not removed substances

Substances present in surface water, which occur only in very small traces, are not removed due to the high expense in the waterworks:

  • hormones
  • drug residues
  • Traces of degradation products of certain pesticides

Additional quality improvement

Tap water can be improved only slightly in its quality. About water filter can be filtered out even more individual substances and often improve the taste even more.

A reverse osmosis system produces very pure water, similar to distilled water. But that's not good for drinking.

Water revitalization can help make the water "higher in energy".

Tips & Tricks

In terms of health, a further improvement of tap water does not really make sense and is not necessary.

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