A eaves sheet on the flat roof is the transition between gutter and roofing

A eaves sheet serves as a connecting plate on the flat roof, it carries away the rainwater to the gutter. As with all other components of the roof drainage, the maintenance-free material also plays a role here. Only by the interaction of the individual parts an optimal water drainage is guaranteed.

What is a Traufblech?

According to the applicable building regulations, a gutter plate must be installed in the roof drainage, which is carried out by means of suspended gutters. This is an elongated sheet metal strip, which serves as a link from the roofing and gutter. It lies above the lowest batten in the eaves area. Other designations are inlet sheet or Scharblech.

Which material for the flat roof eaves?

As a rule gutter parts and eaves are selected from the same material. This is optimal, but not essential. In the offer of the manufacturers you will find flat roof eaves in the materials

  • Natural or painted aluminum
  • PVC
  • titanium zinc
  • Copper.

The latter offers very good properties in terms of freedom from maintenance and durability. After installing the gutter, the eaves sheet is installed. The sheets usually have a conical shape, so that they overlap a few millimeters.

The suppliers lead eaves plates at low prices

A flat roof eaves sheet in lacquered aluminum version is priced at 4.55 euros per meter, in galvanized version you pay 3.75 euros for a sheet of the same length. A copper sheet is 16.60 euros per meter.

  • spenglerei-shop.de has eaves sheets in galvanized execution, in titanium zinc as well as aluminum in the assortment.
  • blechshop24.com offers the sheets in various materials and blanks in many sizes.
  • At dachbaustoffe.de you will find a selection of zinc eaves sheets.

Tips & Tricks

A bituminous seal on the eaves sheet can often lead to damage, since sheet metal and bitumen differ greatly in their thermal expansion behavior. Cracks at the joints can be the result.

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