Pave a courtyard entrance safely and make it beautiful

Your driveway performs more functions than you will initially assume. It is one of the most frequented areas of your property. Increasing demands are placed on its load-bearing capacity and, as a conclusion to the public traffic area, it should be flush with the road or pavement. Your entrance to the yard also forms the entrance to your property and therefore gives passers-by and visitors the first impression. Clothes make people, your driveway says a lot about your living characteristics.

Do not make the mistake of aligning the structure of your driveway solely on technical aspects such as load capacity of the pavement etc. Rather, it should harmoniously fit into the overall design of your outdoor area.
If you live in an urban settlement, such as If you live with many farmhouses, for example, you may have to pay attention to monument protection issues, which are, however, subsidized by the state. Ask for safety at your building authority.

Which paving materials are suitable for a courtyard entrance?

All commercially available concrete paving stones with 6mm or 8mm thickness are suitable for paving a courtyard entrance, which is driven by a passenger car. This is already the case with natural paving stones and pavers. But you should not use natural stone slabs. Your laying technique can never exclude cavities and in these places the plates can break when driving on.

However, if you want to drive your driveway with a heavy truck or a truck, only the head restraint from the offer of the end consumer trade comes into question. If you would like to use other paving materials, you should consult your building dealer.

Construction and installation

Each driveway requires a frost-resistant base, which is 40cm deep founded. This work and the laying of the various paving materials have already been described in the corresponding contributions.

Your driveway is an exception, however, with regard to the point load in the lanes. The daily retraction and extension affects the stability of the substructure and earth shifts can only be prevented with additional measures. The heavier your vehicle, the more intense you need to make provision. In any case, be sure to replace the heavy gravel substructure near the lanes with two lean concrete foundations.

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