Entrance on a slope - what do you need to consider?

You're not always lucky enough to have a flat driveway. Sometimes the entrance to a house on a hillside is also in the middle of the hillside. What must always be observed in such a case, and how to fasten a steep driveway properly, read here.

Basically to note

It is always important to think about the type of pavement, how the slope affects the pavement material. Hard coverings such as concrete or asphalt are generally harmless, but other coverings such as gravel or pavement must be provided accordingly.

Problems with gravel

Gekieste or gravel driveways, for example, often have the problem that the gravel slips over time to the foot of the slope. Here, a corresponding stabilization of the gravel must be considered.

For gravel or grit, there are so-called honeycomb panels that hold the gravel or grit securely. They are highly resilient and quite durable, with prices of around 15 EUR per m² still reasonably inexpensive. This also avoids being avoided

  • lanes
  • Gravel accumulations in the edge area
  • puddles

But such stabilizing plates can only applied to slopes of at most 10% become.

Laying pavement on steep driveways

Basically, when laying pavements on a steep driveway, always put the lower rows of stones into a mixture of sand and cement. So the first rows of stones can then set when sludging the pavement and the lower paving stones, on which relies later on the shutdown, the greatest pressure, no longer move.

Alternatively, of course, the entire pavement laid in a fixed bed. This is always recommended especially for larger slopes in the driveway. But always make sure that especially colored stones can get efflorescence, they have to be specially protected.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to use hard surfaces to secure a steep driveway. Concrete is a very good and cost-effective alternative, it is priced approximately in the range of gravel. When installing, however, you should pay attention to a few things (drainage channel required, expansion joints may need to be installed). Be sure to consult a specialist before carrying out the project.

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