Repair garage entrance - what can you do?

Damage to the concrete garage driveway can occur over and over again. What you can best do to fix it and what repair options are available, read this post.


Cracked concrete is a common occurrence of damage. In most cases, if the damage pervades, you can not save the driveway. The concrete must then be removed and disposed of,

Repair options overview

  • Mending concrete
  • Remove concrete and
  • Create entrance again
  • pave
  • Grass pavers

Mending concrete

In some cases with only small cracks in the concrete can still be stiffened. The stiffened cracks are then refilled. So the concrete driveway is patched and holds back some time.

Remove concrete

The problem here is that with well concreted access roads, the removal is very time consuming and exhausting. Accordingly, there are also relatively high costs for removal. In many cases, the concrete removal is unavoidable.

Create entrance again

As a cost-effective alternative, if the concrete is beyond saving, it is also possible to set solid curbs next to the entrance. They should be cemented in any case. Then you can then fill the area lying between the curbs with gravel. In this "cracked driveway" you can possibly even leave the old concrete as a subsoil.


After the concrete removal may be set to rehabilitate the driveway under certain circumstances, cheap pavement. Concrete paving stones are often cheap to have (even as special offers) and relatively easy to set. You may even be able to do it yourself.

Grass pavers

For a busy driveway, these stones can be problematic because they are much less stable than a concrete pavement. Their installation is also much more complex and requires more work, moreover, the costs are higher. If in doubt, a nice, but not particularly practical alternative.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, let yourself be offered refurbishment offers by several specialist companies, and compare the refurbishment proposals with regard to the materials used and the respective solutions. Also, consult an independent expert as possible to evaluate the proposals.

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